Beyond Therapy

Beyond Therapy

Manhattanites Bruce and Prudence are each looking for a meaningful romantic relationship and have been encouraged by their psychiatrists to find someone through the personal ads. Their first meeting is disastrous, but they begin to hit it off during their second date. However, Bruce's bisexual, live-in lover does not want to share Bruce and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him to himself.

This is an insane and fast-paced romantic comedy about a bizarre dinner date among Bruce (Goldblum) and Prudence (Hagerty), and their lunatic therapists, and Bruce's jealous, gun-wielding ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (ca) wrote: a decent concept for a horror movie even though it has elements from a lot of prior and one I thought was It Follows, not how but the way they would say, I'm not giving it to you. it was just a movie that could of been good but it was hindered by all the horrible acting. When I saw Whanel I knew it was going to be under done. he is a decent writer but his acting is terrible and everyone that followed in this movie was just as bad. Disappointing.

Jeff L (it) wrote: One and a half stars.

Ellen G (au) wrote: Morsomme klr. Morsom dansestil. Fin musikk.

Tina M (de) wrote: The story of a rich, spoilt young man who, unable to deal with reality and his own emotions, turns to the internet for solace. There he meets a group of people occupying a space on the net they like to call "The Suicide Room".It's a very dark tale, sad in the reality it possesses. Well acted with lovely surreal lighting, sometimes gruesome in its portrayal, but always riveting and honest. If you haven't seen it, please, do.

Sean S (br) wrote: This reminds me of When Harry Met Sally only they start with a kid. Some of the scenes are almost verbatim. Not bad but not great.

Andy F (ag) wrote: Style over substance with this Canadian film that manages to somehow dissolve most potential scares. A weak lead actor doesn't help although the movie makes reasonable use of it's Chinese setting. The ending is suitably confusing earning an extra half a star.

Janna M (fr) wrote: Interesting doc about society's disdain for African American hair..worth watching if only to hear Rev. Al Sharpton go off about hair weaves: "Comb that exploitation! Attach it to the back of your head!"

Oli H (ca) wrote: Rather poor documentary, after watching it you will learn nothing much about the Yakuza.

Ivan Javier V (it) wrote: Boring. Theres nothing more to it.

Frances H (de) wrote: Cute , sweet romance, but the basic idea is a bit far-fetched.

Bob M (mx) wrote: One of my favorites tbh.

Lady D (it) wrote: This insightful Documentary isn't quite what's expected, whilst we all know the name that is connected to some rather horific murders, the full interview explores Manson, as a person, a manipulator, a musician, from how we knew of him to what he has become up to the date of this interview. Manson is an annimated talker, who shares his philosophies and often answers questions with questions. Oddly enough some of Manson's views and thoughts will have you thinking things through and it's clear to see why he became a powerful leader to his followers and was often called a brain washer. Interesting viewing.

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