Beyond This Place

Beyond This Place

Taking drugs and intense cycling are the only things to which Cloud Rock La Belle has remained faithful throughout his life. Now his son, Kaleo, challenges his eccentric father to a bike trip. Cycling through the Pacific Northwest, Kaleo questions his father's search for truth and demands justification for his absence in his life. This film explores their failed father and son relationship and questions whether the hippie concept of freedom ultimately failed.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:drug use,   cycling,   lsd,  

Beyond This Place is a documentary which explores the father-son relationship - the unique bond that combines love, acceptance, frustration and misunderstanding in equal measure - and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh F (mx) wrote: I love basketball and i think if you feel for basketball the way i do, then this is a top 10 movie to watch.

Edwin R (jp) wrote: Korean Quentin Tarantino meets spaghetti-western-style Indiana Jones

MarieBella C (br) wrote: A utterly charming yet realistic portrait of first love with endearing performances by the young leads

Justin W (de) wrote: this is absolutely TERRIBLE!!! i like bad movies....but this is too much....way too much. i was trembling in the corner in a puddle of my own drool waiting for the horror of this film to end. basically, it's william shatner playing paintball with people...because an alien told him to do so. if i ever have children, i'll use this film as a form of punishment...after one viewing, they'll eat their dang broccoli. avoid this movie....good golly, avoid this movie.

Anssi V (de) wrote: Of the two Ghibli founding directors, Isao Takahata has always been far more Japanese than his more internationally successful colleague Hayao Miyazaki. And unfortunately this movie is no exception. My Neighbors the Yamadas depicts the live of a typical Japanese family as seen through Takahata's eyes. The Yamadas are more than a bit quirky, set on their ways and more than a bit dysfunctional - like most families really are - but the movie still manages to convey the love and admiration they feel for each other, even if their outwards reactions are the exact opposite.The problems arise from the fact that a slice of life movies like these have to be charming and funny for them to be enjoyable. That is, if they're not made to be brutally honest and realistic, which this in no way is. You're supposed to laugh at the jokes and the humorous blunders that each of these family members get into in turn. Yet the fact is, I didn't laugh a single time watching this movie, I didn't even smile all that much. I could kind of recognize the scenes I was supposed to be laughing at, but the humour never connected. Guess you need to be Japanese to get them.Though, to this film's credit, it's unlikely this would have gotten released outside of Japan if not for the fame Studio Ghibli has amassed over the years, so Takahata's choice to make this a very Japanese film is understandable and it's our failing as a viewer if we just don't get the culture. Or the language, for that matter, because apparently a lot of the jokes are based on the dialects of Japan, which is pretty much lost in the subtitles. I don't know if the English dub would be any better, as my personal copy didn't include that.The other good thing about this film is its animation. Especially the early fantasy sequence, delving into the imagination of the family's young daughter, is amazing to look at and the talent of Studio Ghibli is showcased beautifully. The rest of the film tries to imitate the newspaper strips it's based on, but even those simplified designs have fluidity and great motion to them. Not the best looking film Ghibli has ever produced, but it has its moments.As a whole I'm going with an average rating for this one. I personally didn't enjoy it all that much, but I can see the talent behind it and the idea they were going for. If you're a fan of Japanese culture and especially if you understand the language, give it a watch.

Jordan K (jp) wrote: Baseketball is another genius film by the creators of South Park, but their own film that they starred in but never wrote, directed, or produced can easily show. Baseketball is a fine movie to kill time, but compared to Team America or Bigger Longer and Uncut, it's a tidal wave of cliches and slapstick that at very little times is even clever.Two losers create a new sport, a combination of baseball and basketball where players must distract their opponent from scoring points by slapstick and grossout humor everywhere. Every sports film cliche you can think of is here - players leaving their true friends for money, the true essence of a team, everything you've seen before.Trey and Matt barely save this film from being funny, with a noticable Cartman and Mr. Garrison voice somewhere and their genuinely mediocre acting, but the rest is just repeats of sports films, which would be fine if it were a parody of a genre such as Team America. It's not boring, but super repetitive.

minence G (jp) wrote: Masu zivahniji i zanimljiviji od Crimesa. Histericne zene are so faniii.

Scott A (au) wrote: The series starts to get a tad goofy here but the jet ski chase is fantasic.

Michael G (us) wrote: Junior Bonner works if you look at it as a bunch of good scenes but as a whole movie its not that great. I would call this more of a Steve McQueen movie than a Sam Peckinpah film (as McQueen's presence for the most part carries it.) Robert Preston and Ida Lupino as McQueen's parents manage to steal every scene they're in (same for Charmagne.) Unfortunately the story never really figures out what it wants to do but the bar fight towards the end was a nice distraction from that fact. It looks like it could be about the death of The Old West for a few minutes but it turned into this goofy, folksy prodigal son kind of thing that turned into a day at the rodeo by default. A lot of little unspoken things are never tied up or explained (the movie wasn't clever, coy or sly enough to give the audience the impression this was done intentionally) and the end just... kind of happened as opposed to having been built up to. I love that Sam Peckinpah did this type of movie, but I just wish it was better.

Lauren H (es) wrote: Fabulously ridiculous and melodramatic in the way that only Hammer Studios can do it. Reed gives an excellent performance as the sad, tortured young man whose family apparently (though none too clearly) has werewolf in their veins. Quite enjoyable, among the best of Hammer (though not quite Horror of Dracula, but what is?), and surprisingly thoughtful. Hammer can take an otherwise disturbing plot and make it just this side of campy, and thus acceptable. And Reed, for all his wildness off-screen, really was a good actor.

Thomas K (jp) wrote: Thought provoking and funny as hell. One of my favorite films of all time.