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jay n (kr) wrote: Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Justin R (fr) wrote: From radio host to Hollywood movie star to President of the Screen Actors Guild to Governor of California to the President of the United States that ended the Cold War. A very good documentary on the life and legacy of Ronald Reagan with clips from his speeches, his movies and meetings with world leaders.

Sarah H (jp) wrote: It was pretty good for a Lifetime movie. Actually didn't feel like a Lifetime movie so much. It was an interesting take on a true story. I'm not so sure the Amish go around talking about God every other word, but it was still decent.

Steve N (gb) wrote: Interesting to say the least. Different people, different stories..yet one background theme that is relevant in all the stories. It was ok, just different.

Victor K (fr) wrote: The most boring film i have ever seen. There is simply nothing funny in it.

Daniel K (fr) wrote: 3: I found the nonstop campy material to be extremely charming. I'm sure this wouldn't be the case for all viewers, but it really didn't seem that different from the kind of 1950's sci-fi horror pictures it was trying to emulate. I found is reasonably plausible that it could have been made in the 1950's, which was a premise of the picture delivered via short newsreel explanation in a prologue to the picture. The credits, sets, costumes, characters, performances, special effects, backdrops, props, dialogue, story, etc all seemed to fit. It can't have been easy to strike just the right tone to truly transport one back to another era of filmmaking. Some have tried, but most have utterly failed before this. If the picture had been a little more faded, more technicolorish and less bright and crisp, I might have bought into it completely. The story managed to keep me thoroughly engaged throughout and the characters were more than interesting. It seemed a wonderful trip down memory lane for me, even if I was around in the era the picture is purportedly from. Who doesn't love the 1950's anyway?

Eylem E (nl) wrote: Despite a faultlessly urbane turn by Alec Baldwin as the lecherous December to Sarah Michelle Gellar's blushing May, "Suburban Girl," a pseudo-sophisticated romantic comedy about the publishing biz adapted from two stories in Melissa Banks' bestseller "The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing," remains strained and artificial. Yet, curiously, the pic's awkward sense of striving reflects the gap between gangly immaturity and wished-for glamor, where much of chick-lit flourishes. Imminent release, timed to cash in on Baldwin's current real-life domestic notoriety (and hilarity-provoking coincidences), could spell respectable box office.

AW C (ca) wrote: Oldboy stands as one of the most truly savage revenge films.

Kate H (au) wrote: there is nothing terribly disappointing about this movie. it would have been nice to have a book written with the characters with their earlier life and later life. the movie contains many unsettling truths about the world and the human condition. there is amazing redemption and character growth in this movie. it should have made more in the box office! if you look at everything that came out near that time, this poor movie did not stand a chance... just google "movies 1999" and you'll see what it was in competition with

Paul C (es) wrote: David Hasselhoff as Nick Hasselhoff was a horrible actor in this film and his body was very tight and uncomfortable when fighting. Some of the other cast was ok. The story line would only make sense if you read the comic. The best was that Nick Fury's eye is closed shut under his patch because it was cut. Yet in some scenes you can see it open through the patch. Wow.

Mark D (es) wrote: The definition of a Saturday afternoon flick. Sugar sweet and Dennis Quaid personifies that - but with a whole host of recognisable faces, this film transforms from barely watchable to decent. The pick of the bunch is Stanley Tucci who plays Muerte, that was inspired casting. Has its moments but its just a watchable flick - with a stand out supportive performance.

Richard C (fr) wrote: lacklustre thriller but oh Blondie's cupid's bow. )

Michael T (kr) wrote: De Palma exhibits such utter control of the medium, in this thrilling classic, a film that would have made Hitchcock proud. An exceptional picture...

Mariah J (au) wrote: Didn't like it. Had potential, but then got way too off topic and weird. Oh and the music sucked, sorry Quincy Jones, just didn't go with this movie. And no resolution...hate that.

Colin M (ca) wrote: real life film that is is fairly slow paced, but it's unusual & gripping. If you also like sport then this is well worth watching.

DJ B (jp) wrote: A surprisingly well done "war" film, and the best I've seen from Hawke potentially since Training Day. It's affected at times by what appears to be a small budget (some parts look noticeably cheap). It's the first movie I've watched that focused squarely on drone warfare and no other version, which helps make it stand up from other movies in its genre.

Noah S (ru) wrote: There's a true magic in this film, especially if you want a fun time with heartfelt moments with memorable and entertaining performances, and a score done by John freaking Williams. Truly a classic in my eyes, no matter what anyone says.

Mark W (mx) wrote: Unfortunately Amityville Asylum felt more like a documentary into a cleaners life... Seriously, the first half of the film was on Lisa's interview and then her induction training! Two of the most boring things we experience in our lives yet we now get to watch someone else's; that aside it was a boring, predictable, badly acted movie of constant talking which cashed in on the Amityville name... Frankly 11 films in and even that doesn't carry any weight anymore!

Gabriel C (fr) wrote: The Burbs is one of the funniest comedies of the 80s, with hilarious performances from Tom Hanks and Bruce Dern.

Matt G (ag) wrote: Central Intelligence is a perfect Saturday afternoon movie. It's super clich & kinda stupid, but it's funny, well-paced & utilizes its stars better than most vehicles they're given. Hart plays confused & terrified to its fullest, & Johnson's Bob Stone is one of the most fun, lovable & interesting characters in a Hollywood comedy in years, & even provides some surprisingly emotional moments for this lifelong fat kid. A surprisingly good if slight little buddy movie.