Bhadra(Telugu: భద్ర) is a Telugu film released on 12 May 2005 ( Dubbed in malayalam as Brahmam ) and was directed by debutant director Boyapati Srinu. Ravi Teja and Meera Jasmine played the lead roles. The film was later remade into Tamil as Saravana with Silambarasan and Jyothikaand also remade into bengali as Josh with Jeet and Srabonti. Linda Arsenio danced in an item number.

Bhadra(Telugu: భద్ర) is a Telugu film released on 12 May 2005 ( Dubbed in malayalam as Brahmam ) and was directed by debutant director Boyapati Srinu. Ravi Teja and Meera Jasmine played the lead roles. The film was later remade into Tamil as Saravana with Silambarasan and Jyothikaand also remade into bengali as Josh with Jeet and Srabonti. Linda Arsenio danced in an item number. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan A (br) wrote: Typical bad santa. Get what u get

Jasrick J (ca) wrote: Bullett Raja is a gangster/poltical drama based in UP. The film is very enjoyable, though the film may seem like a regular masala flick, Tigmanushu Dhulia makes sure the film has his flavour and his sensiblities seen in earlier films like SBAG and Paan Singh Tomar. While the first half of the film shows a Jai Veer type of comradrie between Saif and Jimmy, its shows there rise as gangsters. The second half becomes a revenge drama .The films main plot is about Raja and Rudra. Raja and Rudra both are forced to become gangster after they have no option. Raja after fleding some people who were after him because of a small dispute, crashes a wedding that Rudra was at,at the wedding they become friends. At the same wedding Rudra's uncle who is a gangster gets attacked by his trusted man Lallan Singh who wants to take over his business. In this fight however Raja and Rundra defend his uncle, and end up getting in some unwanted mess. They both get attacked by the Lallan Singh after, and they dont wanna become gangsters so they dont retaleate,so for protection they go to jail. While in jail Rudra's uncle gets killed and both Raja and Rundra take revenge and become gangsters. They are then supported by opposition leader Ramabau Shukla. They take place of former head gangster of UP Sumer Yadav, after they kill a poltical leader he couldnt. They are now UP''s biggest gangsters. However they make a mistake. While at a meeting after being insulted by UP's biggest business man Mr. Bajaj they kidnap him for money to make him learn a lesson, Bajaj mad with them because of the Kidnapping, hires Sumer Yadav and kills Rudra. Does Raja take revenge, does Raja survive Baja's wrath is what forms the main plot.Acting wise Saif Ali Khan is first rate, he fits in to character so well and gives a mature performance. Jimmy Shergill also matches up to Saif in every scene and gives a great performance. Sonakshi Sinha though maybe not needed in the film does good in her role and adds glamour. Other notable acts are of Raj Babbar, Gulshan Grover, and Vidyut Jamwal they all perform well.Dir Tigmunsha Dhuila does a good job, though not his best work the film is highly enjoyable and entertaining. The music is very average. The film though good has minuses, the songs, the weak climax and twist at the end play spoil sport. The story also is not novel, and a film like this did not need a herione. However minuses withstanding the films is good. Those who like gangster films or poltical drama's will enjoy Bullet Raja. The film deserves atleast one watch for the good action and Saif and Jimmy's performance 3.5/5*

Harp A (br) wrote: "if you are a sikh you need to go watch it"

Cynthia S (de) wrote: I was really drawn in for the first half of this movie, even though it was rather slow. After that point, it seemed to take a detour into the "odd zone". Then, it veered back into decent movie again toward the end. This movie is very typically Russian, with black doom weighing heavily over everything. Too bad it veered, because I would have enjoyed this more. I have to say, however, the guy that played the young intern (Grigori Dobrygin) was very enjoyable to watch. I will be following his career very closely.....

Dean L (de) wrote: Don't be thrown by the cover on this isn't a softcore, national Lampoon film. This movie was quite enjoyable and was a fantastic character study. Several apparently different personalities all bound together by one common link: they never learned to swim and they all are taking swimming lessons from the same man. This puts a large group of very normal people with normal problems together when they probably never would have met in the first place. Great set up. Great character development. Also, some interesting character growth. The problem lies in the pacing. We move at such a snail's pace that it is hard to keep on. I realize that this is not a thriller or a big budget CGI laden film. This film is solely dependent on the script, the characters, and how well they are portrayed and they are portrayed very well, but it just gets boring. I have been a huge fan of Paget Brewster since "Huff." The whole cast was great really. A lot of credit for the film's lovability goes to the perfect casting of Brewster and Weixler. "Sometimes characters don't require novelty as long as they feel genuine" and these characters felt wholly genuine, but the pacing keeps it out of the realm of "utterly fantastic." This is a great example of an indie film that sacrificed nothing on the altar of integrity, but lost some of its audience to being too real and nary a hint of escapism.

Julian B (nl) wrote: O filme tem uma sequncia inicial linda, e alguns bons momentos... Mas, apesar de ter uma histria com potencial para um belo filme e contar com timas atuaes do elenco, tem uma personagem principal chata demais (a Odete do ttulo). Quando ela surta e torna-se obcecada por um morto que ela nem conhecia, desenvolvendo uma gravidez psiclogica e fazendo a louca o filme todo, no h como simpatizar com a irritante personagem. J o personagem namorado do morto, passa o filme tentando superar sua perda, mas no evolui nem acrescenta muito histria tambm. Com isso, o filme resulta apenas "razovel".

Desirae W (de) wrote: are there ones where you can watch on here?

Leo B (jp) wrote: A great date movie. Told from both men and women's point of view about dating and relationships, you get a better understanding about how the other side thinks. It will make you laugh and cry all the way till the end of the movie. A must see for romantics everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xGary X (jp) wrote: A rather flat and dour cold war thriller starring a rather flat and dour Charles Bronson as a Russian agent sent to kill a cell of sleeper agents who are activated by a fanatical Stalinist. It's an interesting idea, but none of Siegel's trademark intensity and panache is in evidence and Bronson is at his least charismatic.

Ben B (fr) wrote: king matthau was nominated for the role. a bit on the schmaltzy side but you can't help liking it, especially since that king matthau was directed by long time pal and on screen adversary, jack lemmon.

DC F (ru) wrote: definitely not the Marx Bros best work, but notable for their last film together. Harpo has a larger role and things were funnier after Groucho finally makes more appearances toward the end.

Jeremy r (es) wrote: One of the better WW2 movies, top 5 in my book. Awesome acting for a war movie. small crush on Rachel Weiss an underrated actress. All around great movie.

Spencer H (gb) wrote: Reign of Fire is brainless fun, which means it is stupid.

JT K (gb) wrote: Harrowing drama (oh let's call it what it really is, a horror movie) that is the perfect antidote for anyone's ticking biological clock. With all due respect to Miller (who's got some excellent performances under his belt), Teenage Kevin just comes off as a surly brat; but the earlier iterations carry a quiet malevolence that is the stuff of nightmares. Really, it's Swinton's show all the way, with her intense and nuanced portrait of a shattered psyche in the aftermath of soul-crushing tragedy.

Rebecca L (nl) wrote: Tons of beautiful scenes in desert! Camels are loud...

Guy H (au) wrote: While the film whitewashes over important racial issues, How The West Was Won is a thoroughly enjoyable and thrilling epic western thanks to it's impressive use of Cinerama and Alfred Newman's best film score.