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Bhakta Tukaram


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Bill R (jp) wrote: I remember watching this and hearing good things and how surprised everyone was about the ending but this wasn't good at all. I may be the only one that found this boring and so predictable that I could of napped and had a better entertainment value than watching this. A documentary that doesn't do what is praised and yet somehow it got its own TV series.

Gav R (es) wrote: brilliant mix of scenes to a good pace scare

Taylor B (gb) wrote: Very rarely have I seen a movie that both squandered all my time and all the talent that was put into it. This is the kind of movie that they will be showing in hell,it is so painfull,derived of humor and hammers its message down our throats. Nothing is interesting and almost everything is over the top or really annoying. There are a few giggles to be had here or there but the majority of this film reeks of poor writing and a cast that doesnt seem to care,and they shouldnt care seeing as they are in one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my five year career as a movie critic(unprofessional of course) A horrid excuse for a kids movie that will leave you nauseous and blown away by sheer incompetence.

Kyle J (ru) wrote: A great film, and a good example of the Czech mindset in dramatic films. No happy ending, in fact no ending at all, which allows the audience to imagine whatever they want to. Fans of this film should also watch The Wild Bees, an earlier effort by the same director. Many of the same actors were used in both films as well.

Barbara A (jp) wrote: The year following a tragic loss lets us in on many family secrets. This excellent family drama shows real life highs and lows, strength and weekness. It shows that life is not always the picture perfect little story, all tied up in ribbons, too many people think it is. Life can be very very difficult, and for some of us it's a struggle just making it day to day. I appreciate this film. I thought it was an excellent story...told really well.

Denver E (mx) wrote: A masterpiece that showcases Whoopis supreme talent as an actress. With an ending that makes you think

Nikki (us) wrote: When my sister Liz asked me to watch this with her I was at first it has become a true favorite of mine! I will watch it again, and again, and again....oh wait, this isn't the rating for Teen Witch? Oops!

Private U (br) wrote: Fantastic as a period piece; Caine at his peak, and a clever, suspenseful story.

Rick M (br) wrote: One of the great Warner Bros. Musicals of the Early 1930's. The ending sequence has some wonderful Busby Berkley dance numbers!

Bleak M (ru) wrote: Fascinatingly cheerful tragedy, probably the first pairing of Loy and Powell. In an unlikely transition, bad Mickey Rooney grows up to become bad Clark Gable.

Sidemen U (mx) wrote: Overall a great movie , teaching us how to appreciate what we have in life and to never lose hope. Teaches a lesson to those who think getting stranded in an island is easy.