Ramdas is a trusting individual, and trusts everybody around him. When times turn bad for him, he entrusts the life of his son, Bansi, to his trusted employee, Ronaklal, and departs. He ...

Ramdas is a trusting individual, and trusts everybody around him. When times turn bad for him, he entrusts the life of his son, Bansi, to his trusted employee, Ronaklal, and departs. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew M (us) wrote: Don't assume this film would have lots of monster fights because they dont until the very end. Sure there is lots of humans being killed but I wanted more of the two monsters fighting. Its an average b rated monster film. You should check this out on a rainy day and to see one of David Carradines last films.

Zachary M (it) wrote: Having never read any of the books, yet knowing the premise of the franchise, I have to say one of the weirdest elements I found was that the main selling point, a bunch of kids forced to fight to the death, wasn't even featured until well over an hour into it. You could make the case that means it gives you more time to get to know the characters, but the characters just aren't that great. They're never bad per say, yet a big discerning point for me. Plus the whole point of a first movie in a franchise is to get you to see more, and I can say I'm really not motivated to see more.

ireneChelle (ca) wrote: Excellent cast! Loved it!

Courtney M (ca) wrote: I watched this in Spain and thought it was insane, lots and lots of sex, the music is ehh, but It was a good culture experience.

Lady D (ru) wrote: Bought but not watched

Shane J (mx) wrote: I love the darkman character (would love a reboot) but this one just doesn't have the craziness of the original,voosloo just seems bored in the title role compared to neeson. Larry drake is still a great over the top villain though and improves this film whenever he's on the screen. I think raimi directing could of made something of this

Mickey M (gb) wrote: "Goddard Bolt" (Mel Brooks, who also the director and co-writer) is a successful millionaire businessman who is about to purchase a major piece of property from Los Angeles that is filled with the homeless. His plan is to demolish the rundown buildings, and replace it with new, expensive buildings. However, he makes a bet with a co-executive, "Vance Crasswell" (Jeffrey Tambor) after he says he could live without his money. The bet -- live on the street, penniless, for 30 days. On the street, he meets those who rely on the kindness of strangers. He even meets a woman (Lesley Ann Warren) who lives in an alley, whom he becomes infatuated with. However, when it's time to collect his winnings on the bet, he learns that his life has been turned upside down. Now, he has to fight his way back into his life of privilege. The first thing you will notice is that this movie lacks good laugh-out-loud humor like many of Brooks' classics. I probably laughed possibly four times through the whole movie. Yes, this is satire, but knowing how Brooks movies usually are, I was expecting a lot more laughs. Another thing that is not done well is that you don't get to see a lot of Tambor's character's plans to undermind "Bolt" and take over the business, as well as "Bolt's" personal property. There are some good performances in this film. Warren and Brooks work nicely together. Brooks plays "Bolt" as a man who slowly changes his way of thinking about the homeless as he learns more and more about them. One problem with this movie is it barely touches upon how "Crasswell" plans to takeover "Bolt's" empire, which includes personal belongings. We get one scene where you suspect he has a plan that "Bolt" won't like. Then, at the movie's climax, we see his plans in full force. One thing this movie does well, is wardrobes of the homeless and their makeup. The clothes really look as if they have been worn 24-hours a day for many months to years. Make-up is basically what appears to be dirt smudges. They really spent some time in the detail of "Bolt's" look in this movie. He starts off clean-cut, and then is slowly transformed into a homeless person. His face grows stubble, and his clothing begins to slowly look as if he hasn't changed his outfit in weeks as the movie progresses. There are some good performances in this movie, especially from Warren and Brooks. Warren's "Molly" is played with a kind heart, but some obvious issues plague her. "Bolt" starts off as a well-to-do businessman who would walk past a homeless person without making eye contact. He then slowly becomes a person who cares for the problems the homeless, especially when one of those he befriended dies on a sidewalk, and the owner of a near by business is indifferent because the man was homeless. There are some problems with character development with the supporting characters. To me, they were just plot devices that were not used well at all. When it comes to music, I honestly can't remember any music in the movie except for the humorously oddly placed dance scene in a clothes filled warehouse. Despite the minor problems, this is still a fairly good movie. I suggest not to buy or rent it, but watch it on television when there really is nothing else on.

Jakki J (de) wrote: This movie terrified me in regards to the way in which gambling can ensnare even the most levelheaded people who may think they are above falling into such a trap. It doesn't matter the age or occupation, we are all vulnerable to this wicked ploy if we are not careful. It demonstrates the danger of attempting to beat Satan at his own game. Let's face it, he's been at it a lot longer than us! The film may be a bit predictable and neatly wrapped, but still effective and thought-provoking. Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner are outstanding!

Rick M (nl) wrote: To control the area's water rights, Stiles kills the Clayburns. Their boy John was present and ten years later he returns as a lawyer. First he gets the Judge to declare the water rights public. Then he foils Stiles' attempt to keep the ranchers from filing. When the ranchers drive their cattle to market Stiles tries to stop them. But John is not only determined to get them through but to also settle the score with Stiles.

Ian F (ag) wrote: This Ozu film was better, I think I like his later stuff better than his early stuff.Regardless, the kids are cute, the landscape sad but perfect and the story, while no where overly emotional, it was fitting and well performed. And it had women! Ozu works well with women and here that maybe the improvement.

Barney o (au) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: The story is definitely the marvel of this film, with plenty of thrilling twists and turns to properly make you question its reality. You're still hooked though, as both the leads are played brilliantly, and the characters are well developed by their actors and Spielberg alike.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Is it just too much for one film to handle?VERDICT: An entertaining, occasionally gripping and down-right unbelievable film that packs a big punch. Maybe just too much punch.

Gordon B (it) wrote: Of all the different sports out there, it's boxing that has produced the best films. 'Fat City' is an underrated 70s film about two blue collar boxers who consistently find themselves on the wrong side of the American Dream.