Bharya Athra Pora

Bharya Athra Pora

Satyanathen (Jayaram) is a teacher at Vivekodayam school, Thrissur . His wife Priya (Gopika) is a bank employee and he has a fourteen year old son Bhaskaran. Satyanathan is an alcoholic. After school hours, he can be seen with his friends in the local bar or at thekkinkad maithanam where they play cards.he is dissatisfied with his life and wife. He befriends some young men of the new generation whose lifestyle tempts him to take up their style. The film follows the events that follow as a flashback from his son.

Satyanathen is a teacher at Vivekodayam school, Thrissur . His wife Priya is a bank employee. They lead a happy life together. Satyanathan has a lot of friends and he leads a somewhat lazy life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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