Bhavani IPS

Bhavani IPS

Bhavani (Sneha), an honest police officer in Hyderabad, is posted as Assistant Commissioner of police in Tirunelveli upon the request of Tamil Nadu government. The town is controlled by Sivalingam (Kota Srinivasa Rao), a rich and influential baddie and an aspiring politician. He indulges in all unlawful activities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaman Y (es) wrote: I haven't seen such a rubbish movie for a long time. Thanks god it is dvd so I can fast forward most of the shit.

Ian C (jp) wrote: Good film, great lesson, underrated on critics

Sebastian K (ru) wrote: ...I'm a very generous & understanding critic - I gauge films on what they "aspire to be"...not necessarily MY personal preferences. e.g.: If I dislike a film because i'm not fond of that genre or that actor, I will NOT judge it based on my personal bias.That being said......Vampires - los muertos falls into that rare category of "Embarrassingly awful" - I was amazed that someone actually got it onto late night cable! This one star is not a cruel exaggeration; it truly is THAT bad. While watching it you can't help but marvel in thoughts such as, " did this actually make it through production & editing??? Didn't anyone stand up at some point and say, 'um, wait a minute...what are we doing??'". The writing perhaps is the most absurdly terrible part of the whole mess....Bon Jovi tries - but either doesn't know how to modify the script or wasn't allowed to stray off the script. The story is incredibly lame, the writing "amazing horrible", and the acting....who knows - when the writing & direction is this bad, you can't even tell where the blame falls. I literally changed the channel 20min. before the finale because i just couldnt fake caring anymore..

Charles C (gb) wrote: Pretty good. The movie's plot has not or at least not been used over and over before. Good flow. Good acting. Great movie.

Leonard D (au) wrote: It was fun at first, but now, it's just too stupid for its own good!

George B (us) wrote: Techine has always been the one director I never quit on. But I'd never seen his most acclaimed work until now. This semi-autobiography truly touches the youth memories of people, and strong contrast between political confronting and sexual indifferences. A masterpiece!

Ashley T (ru) wrote: A classic comedy that is completely over the top and fun, from Nic Cage's campy overacting, to the ridiculous locations and supporting characters to the obvious Elvis music queues. And don't even get me started on the final act!

Jay B (jp) wrote: Awkward and disturbed.. Swanson is hot, that's about the highlight.

Andy A (mx) wrote: This is a little bit of an unfair review because I am comparing the film to Pryor's warts-and-all autobiography "Pryor Convictions" This story is about Richard Pryor, who plays himself, as the character Jo Jo Dancer. It starts in Pryor's life where he infamously set himself on fire while free basing cocaine. He is rushed to the hospital and the whole movie is his life flashing before his eyes in "It's a Wonderful Life" fashion. The only wonderful thing about Pryors life was the fame, and money he made. He grew up in a brothel, had abusive relationships his whole life, and got deep into booze and drugs. All of the debauchary of his life is only touched on in this film. Again, he gets much deeper into all of it in "Pryor Convictions". I am, and always have been, a huge fan of Pryor the performer. Pryor the man/husband/father was kind of a scumbag. He is the first to admit it, but that doesn't made it all okay.

Scott H (it) wrote: Syndey Pollack's Out of Africa is a sweeping period romance, has beautiful scenery and costumes, great cinematography, one of the greatest soundtracks to date, and Meryl Steep, Robert Redford, and Klaus Brandauer are excellent.

Aj V (ru) wrote: This silly foreign teen movie is boring and predictable as well. I didn't care for it, and I don't recommend it.

Andi M (kr) wrote: saw it when it came out and loved it ... but them I was and still am a flower child

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John B (kr) wrote: Keanu Reeves stars as Johnny Utah, an undercover FBI rookie who is teamed up with Gary Busey to investigate a series of bank robberies and bring justice to those responsible. Filled with action and a great, well-balanced original story, Point Break is one of 1991's best films of the year! ????? Delivers the goods.

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David S (au) wrote: A great Western Film!!

Chris J (gb) wrote: Great script. Cusack is phenomenal. Driver is adorable. Aykroyd is hilarious. Just a fantastic movie.

Charles W (gb) wrote: Falls in love with the rest of the MCU. Great storyline. Also a great way to introduce new characters and bring back old ones... and set up future storylines