Bhavna is a story of a less privileged women. A lady who was living all alone in the city met a man named Ajay Kapoor in a garden, sketching. They became friends and later on friendship turned into love. Eventually they got married, however, Kapor's dad had not granted permission for this marriage. After bearing a financial crises, Ajay went to see his dad who was residing in another city. Ajay never came back to Bhavna. Bhavna went to that city and was astonished to see that Ajay married another women. Dejected Bhanva came back and started a new job. But this was not the end of the story.

Bhavna is a story of a less privileged women. A lady who was living all alone in the city met a man named Ajay Kapoor in a garden, sketching. They became friends and later on friendship ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan F (br) wrote: So very boring from start to finish.

Noname (it) wrote: A low budget horror/action movie with B actors like Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones , more B then usual. But the movie are watchable and i happens to like this type of movies once in a while. Violence and weak stories is very common with these genres.

Steve D (ca) wrote: Decent if not forgettable

suk c (ru) wrote: One of my all time favorites! The movie was entertaining with a lot battle scenes. The movie was pretty coherent, but that's because of the endless dialogues... But, definitely kept me interested, due to twists and what not.

Sarah W (au) wrote: I love this movie. I've had this movie memorized for the longest time.

Rika O (ag) wrote: oh such a typical white guy visiting asian countries. don't try anything stupid in the countries those language has no alphabet. story-wise, ended up in a very soapy thriller. even there're some funny lines...

Steen T (es) wrote: Kore-eda's admiritation for Ozu is quite obvious in this extremely understated story of a woman who can't let go of a tragic event in her past. Like Ozu, Kore-eda uses mostly fixed cameras and lets his characters move through the frame, but, unlike Ozu, he often keeps the camera at a distance, creating a marked contrast to the tragic events or the emotional turmoil that the woman goes through. This is a stunning piece of cinema by one the greatest living directors.

Matt V (us) wrote: Operation Dumb. The acting however was fantastic for this type of goofy comedy.

Jesse M (it) wrote: I'll make this short but sweet. I really don't see the problem people have with this film. Does it stand up to Silver Streak or See No Evil, Hear No Evil? No. But, it is still rather funny. Both men still have it, comedy wise, in "Another You", and while the story certainly could have been better, to get a 13% is pretty abysmal. The movie started off very strong, and while the plot fizzled out just a bit near the end, at no point during the film did it fail to keep my attention. It started off incredibly funny in parts, and remained reasonably funny throughout. Final verdict, an uneven movie, for sure. But still very good, I thought. And considering it was the last starring role that either man decided to take (Pryor because of his health, Wilder for his own reasons), I'd say it deserves more respect at least for that. Two comic geniuses, and two marvelous actors besides, in their one last hurrah. It's a good movie. If you haven't seen it, give it a fair shake.

Rikard B (fr) wrote: Intressant ur ett historiskt perspektiv o se hur allt var o sg ut o s, men filmen r inte direkt bra, men som sagt intressant.Kul & se mnga gamla klassiska skdisar fr drygt 15 r sedan x.


Maddie S (au) wrote: I could dance cheek to cheek forever

Hector R (us) wrote: Outstanding at times but has some weird supporting cast her and there!

Jeff L (mx) wrote: Like a British version of City of God (less essential and classic though) to the sound of The Streets' Original Pirate Material. For a debut, Ben Drew (aka singer Plan B) delivers on many levels: intensity, grittiness and style, mainly. Some things need to be improved (the rhythm, mainly). Yet, Ill Manors is convincing enough to turn Ben Drew into a talent to watch.

Indira S (mx) wrote: i love all her wardrobe, soo colorful :D