Bhola Bhala

Bhola Bhala

Ram Kumar Verma is an honest albeit unsuccessful Insurance Agent. His poor performance and a quick settlement for Renu and her mom gets him transferred to Madhya Pradesh. During the train ...

Ram Kumar Verma is an honest albeit unsuccessful Insurance Agent. His poor performance and a quick settlement for Renu and her mom gets him transferred to Madhya Pradesh. During the train ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard C (au) wrote: Simply joyful and full of exuberance and well loved 80's songs add to this fun-filled mixture of comedy, music and drama that will have you re-visiting your 80's vinyl and cd collection for many weeks after watching. Choreography is as sharp as a new pin and the feelgood factor (as well as the x factor in the form of a surprisingly good Leona lewis) is out in force. A great summer movie.

Nicky N (ca) wrote: Good Flim.I Don't Understand Why People Think This Movie Is Horrible.But This Was Disturbing.B-

Mike V (de) wrote: I really enjoyed this Spanish film, featuring solid performances from the nearly all female cast. It has a combination of good timing, comedy (sometimes macabre), drama and mystery, with a few plot twists along the way. 1001

Gabi B (kr) wrote: I don't know why they put this in "drama" shelf... for me it's horror film...

Fong K (br) wrote: viewed on 16/10/04 (Sat)Wow lao, talk what cock. I see finish the whole show but dunno what the hell it is all about. I see got Tony Leung on the poster and I thought must be not bad la. Infernal Affairs lagi good man. Then got that Zhang Ziyi, that hot babe bathing in the woods in House of Flying Daggers. Hot la. Then got Faye Wong wor. Wow another cool chick. Wow piang this kind of combi cannot go wrong la.Who the hell is the director huh? Wong Kar-wai? Wow piang he got some mental problems is it? My grandmother direct can even be better than this. What train go to 2046 and then forget painful memories. I think only primary school kids will write such rubbish. Then the story got no head and no tail. Totally catch no ball. Suddenly got Zhang Ziyi then suddenly Faye Wong then suddenly Carina Lau. One more thing. I Ah Beng also can spot the mistake. Early on say Carina Lau die already what then how come can come back to life again. Wow piang and I thought I very stupid one. My girlfriend, Ah Lian, say such movies go there and see beauty only. Like real lor. I think you spend so much time make those nice nice scenes then don't make the movie lor. The story is crap. To me beautiful crap and ugly crap are all crap. High class crap and low class crap, I choose low class crap ok. This show reminds me of my ex-girlfriend Penelope Chong. She think she speaks ang moh very good and always wear branded clothes and so slim, people sure see her as high class. Wow piang but she talks rubbish all the time one. No class act got class. What the ...Rating: FExpected Rating: C

Steven V (au) wrote: This movie is about two guys that kills poeple so they could keep their jobs Frank(James Belushi) and Rodriguez(Tupac). Frank and Rodriguez just found that a cop that they work with is a snitch and they killed him and they want someone to blame it so they go to the streets and try to find somebody that was out saturday night. They go to different neighbor hoods to scare somebody and blame that he did it. So they found a poor guy in the streets and blame him but, they need proof and they talk to the guy and try to trick him that he did it. They needed witnesses. They found this lady that is walking down the street and they offer her one thousand dollars if she helps they on the case. So it's court time and everybody is ready. One hour later they found that a guy that is not guity and set him free. Frank and Rodriguez are mad. So frank wants to get away and Rodriuez owed poeple money and they kill him and Frank gets a getaway car and he gets killed. I like this movie beacse it is a good movie to watch. This movie makes me feel sad in the end beause everybody dies.

Tony H (kr) wrote: A fun romp-great ensemble cast

Brandon V (au) wrote: Patronizing, pathetic, and so predictable and clich (C)d it's vomit-inducing. This is one of the worst movies ever made.

Peter S (es) wrote: Great William Holden, Lincoln Continental Town Car.

Gary L (gb) wrote: Most of the critics say that the stony performance by the lead actress is perfect for what the director had in mind, and that the lighting, sets, and direction make this a beautifully constructed film.The latter it is, but I can't buy into the excuses being made for the main character's actress' monochromatic performance. There are probably few films that were composed as artfully as this one, by 1955, when it was made. But this sort of artistic consistence in film is commonplace now. For example, ":The Life of Pi" has more visual heft than this film in the first 45 minutes, and there have been many more like it since Lola Montes was made. That said, Lola Montes *is* from 1955, so it was no doubt amazing to see at that time. If you are good at keeping that sort of context in mind, then indeed - Lola Montes will be an amazing film to watch. Just ignore the main character and concentrate on the sets and direction.

Paul D (mx) wrote: An excellent isolated war story neatly dedicated to the island that resisted in the Med. The love story is quite generic but it is all well done and rather a different setting for a WWII film.

Millo T (kr) wrote: Maybe it is because it is difficult to transpose all the internal feelings of the characters to the screen; maybe, by a bad election of the cast -but the actress who makes Severine-; but the point is that the movie is only a pale reflection of what is developed in the original novel. Some very important facts, which are key in the book, are only partially explained, making this that great part of the motivation is lost. I was even surprised that Renoir didnt employ, in some moments, some shots that had been more powerful for the story.

Hardy H (de) wrote: great action and breakthrough. Some special effect in this film might seem a bit goofy now, but as a whole it still really entertains.

Matt G (us) wrote: This is how you make a sports doc: with extreme focus on one particular aspect, and the credibility of all-star players. A solid look at a loved sport by the people most qualified to comment on it.