Bhoot and Friends

Bhoot and Friends

Four holidaying children go missing, then encounter a ghost and hoodlums in a dense forest.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Hindi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Four holidaying children go missing, then encounter a ghost and hoodlums in a dense forest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bhoot and Friends torrent reviews

Tasha H (de) wrote: It was cute and fun and an easy to watch feel good movie. Just what I needed.

Damin S (fr) wrote: I have watched this movie nearly a dozen times, while it's not deep, it's just fun. Never gets old.

Dany L (br) wrote: Eye opening documentary that shows that the army and the government don't pay the respect they should to so many who give the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Bruce B (fr) wrote: What?s going on, why have I run into a run of loser films, that?s exactly what this is a loser film, 4 students are running around the jungles of PaPa New Guinea looking for David Rockefeller, and its one of those someone is carrying the camera films, I wanted to turn it off so many times, only flixster kept me going 1/2 a star. Can You Say LOSER

Vikas S (us) wrote: Saw it in Bengali and without subtitles. But the movie is simple enough to be figured out.Anyways, at the end of the movie, I couldn't figure out what exactly was the audience supposed to make out of the movie.

Karien v (ca) wrote: too loose and flat and slow and dull for my taste.. couldnt finish it

Archibald T (nl) wrote: "At the end of the day you're an asshole."So you finish an 18 month stint in the big house, come out and have to deal with the reality of your girlfriend in a relationship with one of your friends. To make matters worse, that friend is about to have his hand hammered to death and what do you do? You intervene like the good friend that you are. Unfortunately that doesn't do you no good. Because one of the hoods that you did harm to when saving your friend happen to be related to a mob boss named Mr. French.Mr. French doesn't like you which is why he's tasked you with carrying on your friends debt. In order to work it off, Mr. French assigns you to go with a mobster named Bunny Kelly to pick up an associate named Frank Grogan who holding some money for Mr. French. The task at hand seems to be easy, but you do not know Bunny Kelly. Bunny Kelly has the look of an Irish Elvis. His mutton chops are fucked up as is his persona. He's funny about cars and getting caught and one time while in the big house he may have given a bloke a blowjob (I guess that explains the title). Paranoid? Yeah he is a little bit. He even goes as far to not trust Frank. You see, once Frank has been found and brought along on the road trip back, Frank goes on about the money not being the reason as to why Mr. French wants him brought back. It's really because Frank has been fucking Mr. French's wife. The problem is whether or not to believe Frank when he says things like this and Bunny is a simple man. However, you aren't simple and want to fuck things up by helping Frank. Bunny only wants him dumped (dropped off) and that be it. So, you help botch the job of Frank's head getting blown off and with Frank looking to buy you out with the help of Bunny you might as well say that the days of Mr. French are soon to be over thanks to Frank. This wasn't as dark as I thought It'd be, but the characters are fully fleshed out and the direction was your typical indie film slice of life. Brendan Gleeson gives a great performance as usual and was pretty funny at times.

Rodney E (gb) wrote: Another one that I liked as a kid and even saw it in the theater. Did you know that Einstein invented beer and rock n roll?

Jeff P (br) wrote: A fun, entertaining film featuring classic horror icons revamped with modern gore and exploitation!

Eric R (jp) wrote: Great soundtrack, lively characters and clich as all get out!

Sausages M (ag) wrote: Odd little psychodrama, but compelling nonetheless. Nuns on a mountain, hostile natives, God vs Sin, and the magnificent Deborah Kerr, who I'm fast becoming a fan of. Once again the Powell and Pressburger magic is all there, and despite the age the sets, backdrops and everything else feels completely authentic and is suitably impressive. Stunning cinematography, doubly impressive because it was studio-faked, most of it. Despite all this magic, however, it's still a definite acquired taste that not everyone is going to enjoy. However, it remains strikingly modern- perhaps unsurprisingly given the directors. In anyone else's hands this could be campy and creaky but this film remains resolutely engaging.

Kenneth B (nl) wrote: Although brutal, Romper Stomper doesn't contain the same kind of depth as the superior American History X. The main problem is that we never really get inside the characters to actually gain much understanding of their actions. This is best known for its controversial portrayal of violence. Ultimately it is slightly hollow.