Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi

Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi

A beautiful girl who has everything. Charming, playful, in her own words: 'too joyful to fall in love.' A sudden car crash, and her heart stops for a few minutes. When she wakes up, ...

A beautiful girl who has everything. Charming, playful, in her own words: 'too joyful to fall in love.' A sudden car crash, and her heart stops for a few minutes. When she wakes up, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rae K (jp) wrote: I watched this movie without knowing anything about it aside from the actors/actresses that starred in it. This movie didn't present itself as a rom-com to me although it had some of those tones in it. Instead, it falls flat, despite that it's idea was solid and the talented cast to boot. This film seemingly had no clear vision or theme as its scatters its story and main point. I think the potential was there and there are some one-liners that are insightful and slightly funny. That however is not enough to save this lack-luster film with no solid substance.

Jennie M (gb) wrote: seriously a pity.. they actually pulled of some decent kill shots. but unfortunately this movie had the most disconnected plot it drove me to turn it off ten minutes before it finished.. I felt it hard to relate to nE characters what so ever n really didn't give a shit who died.. wish more people had.. LOL mega fail....

Sheridan P (fr) wrote: The stars are for the Indian priest. He is priceless.

John B (ca) wrote: Way more interesting than I expected.

Kashtan H (br) wrote: God! This movie's so bad! Don't know what Priyadarshan was thinking while cooking this crap. Avoid...majorly.

Jean B (mx) wrote: la pille anoche en el cable...parecia una tipica pelicula adolescente de mierda, pero no termino siendo tan mala jaja

KEE S (ag) wrote: at ware i can see that movie

Rikki S (ag) wrote: This cult movie sounds like it was made for me, yet it was kind of cruddy.

Jonathan J (gb) wrote: Une (C)toile pour le jeu des acteurs et la photo assez jolie.Mais sinon, quelle vacuit (C) et quel ennui ce film ! En Resume : Ennuyeux, Deja Vu (x20 par ann (C)e au moins), ennuyeux, vide, ennuyeux, creux, long, ennuyeux, d (C)goulinant de sentimentalisme a 10 cents, ennuyeux.En question : QUEL EST LE BUT DE CE FILM ? En plus d (C)taille : Melanie Laurent signe ici un film impersonnel au possible, jouant sur la "mode" de la com (C)die dramatique familiale, trs en vogue en ce moment et dans la cat (C)gorie acteur / je-passe-le-pas-pour-devenir-realisateur. On nous recrache ici tous les cliches du cinema bobos du moment, de la musique et des sons satures, pour amplifier les sentiments deja mielleux et d (C)goulinants, en passant par la photo, jouant constamment sur un "flou artistique" Autant a passe sur quelques scnes, mais utiliser et abuser durant 1h40 du meme effet !!!!A se demander si le film n'a pas (C)t (C) tourne en 3D et qu'on a oublie ses lunettes...A moins que Melanie Laurent, r (C)alisatrice inexp (C)riment (C)e, n'ait eu peur d'avoir a faire a un cadre avec plus d'un plan net et le travail qui doit en d (C)couler.C'est dans le flou,justement que le spectateur reste, tant Melanie Laurent fait un patchwork impersonnel, ne donnant jamais de direction, de cap, telle la jeune femme perdue qu'elle est dans le film (Le serait-elle dans la vrai vie et cela serait-il son seul (C)l (C)ment personnel du film ?).On voit ici et la des morceaux des "Petits Mouchoirs" du "Premier jour du reste de ta vie", voir de "Mes amis, mes amours" Pour le cote amiti (C) trs pouss (C)e et "je tiens une librairie anglo-saxonne parce que je suis bien bobo".Pour continuer dans les plans bien cliches utilises jusqu' la trogne, on rajouteras aussi les nombreux ralentis lors de scnes ou il ne se passe deja... rien ! Alors d'accord, un film, qui est lent et ennuyeux et a de bons acteurs peut-tre un bon film, mais encore faut-il au moins, un vrai sc (C)nario et tre un maestro de la r (C)alisation. Le sc (C)nario (C)tant aussi (C)pais qu'une feuille de PQ Leader Price et Melanie Laurent en (C)tant encore qu'a ses d (C)buts de r (C)alisatrice, loin de grands metteurs en scne comme Kubrick, on tombe telle sa soeur dans le coma des la premire partie du film.Au final on a l'impression d'tre devant un mauvais film dramatique, impersonnel, de commande.Mais autant tre un film de commande n'est pas forcement a mes yeux un reproche majeur, autant ces films de commande se doivent d'tres un minimum distrayant, que ce soient des com (C)dies ou des films d'action d (C)c (C)r (C)br (C)s. Si on veut toucher a de la com (C)die dramatique, et qu'on dit vouloir toucher le plus grand nombre, il faut alors savoir jouer de ces sentiments pour atteindre le spectateur et pour cela -je pense- avoir un minimum de "message personnel" ou en tout cas d'exp (C)riences a faire passer. Meme l'affiche du film semble une copie de celle de "Beginners", film justement sorti il y a quelques mois avec... Melanie Laurent.A l'avenir, si elle reste aussi peu inspir (C)e, Melanie Laurent ferait bien de se cantonner a ce qu'elle sait (bien) faire : actrice et non r (C)alisatrice. SPOILER : Meme le titre n'a aucun sens : LES adopteS alors qu'il n'y en a qu'une...Et le coup des cendres balanc (C)es dans la nature comme cliche d (C)goulinant de sentimentalisme, c'est la cerise sur le gteau, d'autant que la pratique est interdite en France depuis quelques ann (C)es, alors il faudrait peut-tre penser a innover.

Rasheed T (fr) wrote: Denzel is always playing great roles whether he's the good guy or bad guy! Remember the Titans is indeed something to remember!

Jayson L (ca) wrote: It started out making the right moves. But then the moves became predictable

Caitlin E (ag) wrote: This movie definitely backs up it's title Strange Days. I was only two years old when this movie came out, and that might play a part in me not liking the atmosphere and how some things are portrayed. Sci-Fi isn't my type of movie, although it was very interesting to think about the different events that happened throughout the movie. I do think that there was a lot of characters to try and comprehend everything that is going on. I honestly think that if I could get into Sci-Fi and all the different types of detailed events that happen, it would possibly be a good movie to my interest. I'm not a very creative person so trying to wrap my head around everything, and that these things couldn't possibly happen back in the early 90's. I would have to say that everyone should make their own true opinion of this movie.

Kyle M (kr) wrote: A unique, thrilling disaster flick, with the usual overdoing scale of the genre, that focus on the thought-provoking scares of a deadly virus. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Jennie R (es) wrote: Great Film from China!! Must see. I am so surprised that you never see this film on cable considering how old it is. The lead actress also starred in "Memoirs of a Geisha". This film shows a China steeped in tradition and when plural marriages were acceptable. The film pulls you in as you watch the various personalites interact with one another to what degree a woman will go to in jealousy. See this film! It is subtitled but worth the read/watch!!!!

Kevin D (mx) wrote: Apparently I wanted to see this. I got what I deserved.

Robert D (au) wrote: Stanley Baker was highly underated. If you want to see him in one of his best roles, this is a brilliant piece of Fifties British filmaking doing it's best to break out of usual stayed safety zone. Baker and Endfield wanted to kick British films up the arse and wake people up, and in the this action thriller they succeed. Sir Satnley Baker, diolch yn fawr ( thank you).

Randy T (es) wrote: It's Whitey, Pee Wee, Flip, Mo, Pete and Bohunk. Not quite as sappy as it's predecessor, The Men of Boys Town chronicles the continuing saga of Father Flanagan and his innovative home for troubled youth. Cheesy but sweet.*NOTE: The 'slow motion wrestling' is hilarious!

Lee V (fr) wrote: The story isn't anything revolutionary and the ending sucks, but I was entertained throughout. Really interesting style of animation that I've never seen before. Pretty funny at times, too.

Chris R (fr) wrote: Cop Car is a decent indie thriller that will most definitely hold your attention throughout its runtime. All of the peformances in this movie are wonderful and I give credit to the masterful directing of this film. I do have some negatives though. The tone of the film is inconsistent and a character or two feel out of place and that's a problem considering that there are only five people in the movie. If you love independent cinem then this is one you should check out