Bian jing feng yun

Bian jing feng yun


Produced by Crazy Racer director Ning Hao, Lethal Hostage revolves around a drug dealer who falls in love with his hostage and decides to quit the business following one final deal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geraldo G (it) wrote: Is the title funny? no, it's stupid. It's the movie any fun? no, it's stupidness all around with tired jokes and gags. This movie just have no reason to be here.

Kitty B (es) wrote: I want to see this because I (along with my friend, Caitlin) worked on it... Boy, was that fun.

Linda N M (nl) wrote: Love this movie...Christian Kane is such a leading man. "Tell her I love her like never before and never again" romance movie line ever!!!!


Pryscilla P (mx) wrote: Kieren Hutchinson is cute in this movie

Cyrille P (it) wrote: Trop nul pour tre bon et pas assez nul pour tre marrant! :-/

Charles R (ca) wrote: There's nothing much to say about this film that hasn't been said about the Qatsi trilogy - this is an exploration of existential proportions, conveying immense chaos and tranquility in the span of only 66 min. Highly recommended even if you haven't seen the monumental Qatsi trilogy that birthed this. 5/5

Kenny N (au) wrote: It's ending has gone down in history as one of the all time most infamous and shocking in all of cinema. But there's a lot more to this than that. For the gorehounds, there's plenty of gruesome kills. But there's also great acting performances from the cast, most of whom are amateurs. The kids are very realistic (unlike that OTHER famous horror movie set at a summer camp.) A must see for horror fans.

Ilja S (ca) wrote: First Blood is a well acted, action packed survival adventure, with a dark tone and great storytelling.

Thomas B (gb) wrote: Grade - B-A gripping time at the movies. 'Gone Baby Gone' is a brilliantly told story, and a great debut by Ben Affleck as a filmmaker. It's not perfect, with a slow start and for the most part a visually uninspired look, but it gets the storytelling and the script locked down, which in a movie like this is most important thing.

Logan M (it) wrote: Featuring one of the most unlikable antagonists in cinema, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is engrossing from start to finish.