Bianco e nero

Bianco e nero

Political documentary, close to the positions of the Italian Communist Party (PCI)- about neofascist's "strategy of tension" in Italy 1974-75; focuses on the bombings of train Italicus and ...

Political documentary, close to the positions of the Italian Communist Party (PCI)- about neofascist's "strategy of tension" in Italy 1974-75; focuses on the bombings of train Italicus and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Glenn F (es) wrote: Surprisingly good production qualities and acting, though admittedly my expectations were low. I would describe it as a nationalistic good guys vs. bad guys action flick, in which the roles we usually see are all but reversed. It's quite an unusual experience to see white Israeli soldiers being wasted left, right and center as the "bad guys", like Sly or Arnie did to so many varieties of brown people in their still very entertaining movies, and wasted by Arab speaking "good guys" at that! It has no doubt been labelled antisemitic in knee jerk reactions around the world; but if you watch it you'll see it is at pains to discern opposition to the Israeli state and ideological Zionism, from actual antisemitism.

Jennifer T (jp) wrote: Strange movie. I liked the villain's accent though. The movie was not executed properly. Worth watching once. "I cut people up"

Fiona F (ru) wrote: Simple story delivered in a sophisticated way, nice CG and acting.

Barbara A (kr) wrote: I came across this, while searching documentries. With the recent earth quake in Port-au-Prince, I'm especially interested in viewing this...ASAP!

Gman H (ag) wrote: very poor tried to be Clerks, but failed miserably.[3/10] just because of Nicole Rayburn ;)

THOMAS S (us) wrote: This movies has big breasts & big guns wrapped around a 'Victoria' Secrete Service plot. For those looking for a laugh or cheep titillating thrills (which there are in abundance.)

sean g (es) wrote: God I wish I lived in Connecticut.

Gregory W (ca) wrote: great action/adventure

Sue W (br) wrote: LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!! a must see

Joe P (ag) wrote: "Europa Report" is an intense, scientifically plausible low budget hard science fiction film which I very much enjoyed. However, its plot is essentially identical to a chapter from the novel: "2010: Odyssey II" by Arthur C. Clarke. Likewise, the movie uses commonly practiced formulas such as on by one pick offs and technological malfunctions. I regularly see films where the characters miracally beat the odds and survive a near death situation (eg. Gravity, Interstellar, every Star Trek episode) which annoys me very much. This was not the case in "Europa Report" resulting in extra tension when a problems arose during the film.

Brandon S (it) wrote: This should be the standard format for all shoot-'em-up action movies: Sure handed direction, involving characters, and very smoothly shot action sequences. I really can't quite grasp the hate this movie is getting. This is a stunningly well-made action film from a very talented director with a bright future ahead of him.

Greg R (us) wrote: If they decided to stick with the original ending I probably would have given this movie 4 stars cause I think it's a genius finale. However, as it is, this didn't really leave much of an impact on me.

Paul C (br) wrote: Compared to Van Damme's other recent offerings, this is actually quite decent, with what looks like a reasonable budget too.