Biao chi fei yang

Biao chi fei yang


Ling (Lo Lieh) and Guan are the Black and White Chiefs of the Eagle Escort security firm: during the opening credit sequence, we see them recover a stolen shipment of gold; by the time the credits have run, the two are literally knee-deep in bodies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dyron W (ag) wrote: It may get a chuckle or two but Cop Out ultimately lives up to its title.

Gena D (jp) wrote: What was this drivel? Nothing big ever finished and thus the story suffered. Missed it's mark. I didn't miss the point....they did.

Sui G (de) wrote: This movie was soooo werid. So weird. Didn't like it.

Stephanie M (us) wrote: this movie was really good.

Monique M (ru) wrote: Oh my goddess, I remember watching this film back in Freshman year when I had Spanish class and it was just absolutely boring and terrible. I didn't understand the plot and the kid acting like an animal or whatever in the beginning of the film was just what the actual hell to me. Throughout the film, I wasn't even paying attention and I had to sketch doodles in order to kill much time. This movie was just ugh, horrible!Not worth watching it again. It's too confusing and boring to me. Just dumb.