Big Bad Bugs

Big Bad Bugs

Because of the disappearance of American soldiers, a special team is created to have an important mission to save them. They do not that they must confront an army of gigantic scorpions, spiders and snakes which can destroy everything . . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hakim M (us) wrote: Alterna elementos llenos de gracia con resoluciones un tanto burdas. Pero es un thriller muy entretenido, imperdible para quien se interese por el mundo de la msica y quiera seguirle el rastro a las ideas de su guionista, Chazele, quien despu (C)s sera el director de "Whiplash".

Annette D (au) wrote: I could have sworn I watched this already under the title Step Up, or Street Dance...

Marah R (gb) wrote: Truly touching and very emotional. The movie takes us on the painful journey of the navy seals who courageously gave up their lives to save citizens.

lintang m (au) wrote: i knew that French movie is never 'normal' in a way.. this movie is really weird, if not 'psychotic'.. i couldn't even think where to start here.. hmmmmmmm..........'enfermes dehors' is directed and starred by one man named Albert Dupontel, i can't really tell what's goin' on in his mind creating a movie like this one.. it all starts with a self-inflicted death of a police officer, his death changes a life of a homeless man (played by Dupontel). well, his uniform actually that does it.. what's got to do with love? this story won't go anywhere far from the cafeteria in the police office building if it weren't for the love at first sight.. let's just say one baby drives everybody's crazy in this story.. i love how the shots done, it's absurd, but i'm kinda tired to see slapsticks, although some at the beginning seem so funny.. i also felt that there's rush of adrenaline when you see several 'Crank-ish' scenes.. that's kinda cool actually..moral of the story? you'd never imagine how a uniform could change people's behavior, their roles, and eventually, their Life. it's psychological phenomenon and it happens in reality, trust me.

Ryan K (nl) wrote: unfunny waste of time

Hugh C (ru) wrote: amazing movie mary and max is also a very good film by the same director

Kristal S (nl) wrote: This film is a must see. It really gives you a glimpse at how it is to live under the Taliban. Really eye opening!

Harry A (us) wrote: Yimou Zhang does Sergio Leone. Kinda.

Regina L (es) wrote: I can't believe I have never seen this movie! Loved it!

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: THUMBS UPViewed this on 16/12/15This masterpiece Samurai film puts all the Kurosawa films to shame thanks in large parts to it's engrossing direction, pacing, superior acting (especially from one of the best antihero of all time), it's unbelievably beautiful and haunting violence and a sensible story. I have never seen a B/W film with such technical excellence, take for instance the showdown in the snow with Toshiro Mifune or it's famous brutally violent climax with 8 minutes of nonstop violence. This is a criminally ignored work of a vastly underrated director whose efficiency can be seen in how effectively he makes Toshiro Mifune act in a controlled and respectable manner and compare it with the overacting in Rashamon as well as Seven Samurai.

JH K (it) wrote: La ms disfrutable de las flojas pelculas de Bruce Lee, ese gran genio tan mal llevado en la pantalla.

Matt M (ca) wrote: A young Indian man, son of an Indian mother and a white father, lives in a house with his white brother that lies in the middle of a conflict between a group of American racist settlers and a fierce Indian tribe. Eventuall, the young man finds himself in situations that lead him to side with the indans. Regardless of the fact that this is perhaps the only Elvis film, apart from Jailhouse Rock, with a plot, and a film that allows him to actually give a credible performance, the film leans heavily on melodrama and can't help feeling a little too dull for its own good.