Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf

In Cameroon, a group of hunters is attacked by a wild animal, and Charlie Cowley survives but sees his brother Scott dying. Hyperbolically, seven years later, his teenage nephew Derek Cowley steals the key of his stepfather's cabin in the isolated Fire Road 13 and travels with four classmates and his friend Sam to spend the weekend having a party with booze and sex. However, they are attacked by a beast that kills his friends in a sadistic way. Sam and Derek survive, and they suspect that his stepfather, Mitchell Toblat, is a werewolf. When Charlie meets Derek and Sam, they decide to collect evidence to prove that Mitchell is the beast and kill him, but Mitchell discovers their plot and chases the trio. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Anthony J (br) wrote: An energetic pill for fans.

Anna K (es) wrote: , 3/4? ?, 1/2 3/4 3/4..

Toni R (ru) wrote: The most amazing, fantastic film, with beautiful scenes.

Sirintip P (br) wrote: I love to look this film film so Sexxxxxxy;-)

Lilia A (fr) wrote: I was sitting on the edge of my seat, eyes glued to the screen, as I watched this movie.The main emotion you feel in this movie is tension. What is going to happen next? Are they going to survive? Will this work? Will that work? Are they going to survive? Despite the movie's ending already being known, as we all know what happened during the real Apollo 13 catastrophe, you can't help but fixate your attention on the movie as you wait for the next turn of events.Sprinkled in, are moments of sadness, of heart, and, thankfully, some comedy to help alleviate it all.Acting is phenomenal, but that is to be expected from a cast like the one chosen.And throughout the movie, I couldn't think of any flaws. Despite this though, I can't give this movie a 5 star rating. There is just something about the movie that didn't strike home, that didn't make me say "That was an absolutely extraordinary movie". So I guess that in itself would be a small flaw.But overall, a fantastic movie. Expect to be sitting motionless for a few hours, as this movie captivates your attention. And I shall, definitely, rewatch this movie again.

Spookie M (ca) wrote: Dated comedy starring Kid n Play. There are funny moments but characters are annoying.

Louise D (us) wrote: Classic documentary portrait of an eccentric pair of frustrated performers, trapped with no audience but each other for 25 years - and then the cameras come, and a literal song and dance is made. Kitschy but true.

Jeff B (de) wrote: Sucking out whatever blood remained in the inspired and inspiring original, this oftentimes silly creature feature turns a Gothic classic into classic Southern-fried camp. Of course, when the antagonists name - Count Alucard - is Dracula spelled backwards, you know youre in trouble. The film doesn't spool out but one reel before gifting audiences with the following line of dialogue: "There's no magic in dried lizards and dead chickens." It's an unfortunate line spoken by an unfortunate actor. Bestowing doltish supporting roles on a third tier HWood cast doesn't help matters either. In this unrated continuation of Universals Dracula series, a mysterious count (Lon Chaney, Jr.) finds his way from Budapest to the swamps of the Deep South and finds himself fighting a medical doctor, a university professor, a jilted fianc and the woman he loves.The worst part of this flick ends up to be the lead performance. In taking over the role that his father was suppose to make famous before cancer took him, humdrum vampire Lon Chaney, Jr. brings about as much terror to the proceedings as fuzzy Muppet Count Von Count on Sesame Street. Oh, his tenure as a werewolf shows that he's capable of such range but there's none of that evident in this monstrously unscary Dracula follow-up. Robert Siodmak, who directed undisputed horror classic The Wolf Man in 1940, brings a great deal of atmosphere to the photography but not so much to the script. Rather than the sequel that Dracula deserves, he turns out some vamped up voodoo phooey. J. Edward Bromberg even sports an Eastern European accent in his thankless role as Professor Lazlo, a discount bin Van Helsing.Bottom line: Slow Count

Jack P (gb) wrote: At the end of this tedious, boring, chore of a film to watch, I found myself with a confused look on my face thinking "What did I just watch?" And "Why does this even exist?". I would recommend this movie to anybody who has trouble falling asleep because this shit is like an overdose of NyQuil on a screen.

Gabriel C (fr) wrote: Despite a few funny moments, Johnny English mostly makes you groan and cringe.

Adam H (fr) wrote: Standard fayre. The archetypal bros on an adventure, one-dimensional baddies, enough laughs for it to be passable, but nothing we haven't seen before.

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