Big City Blues

Big City Blues

An Indiana boy (Eric Linden) lives it up with his girlfriend (Joan Blondell) in New York until someone gets killed.

Seventy-two hours in the life of Indiana man Bud who inherits money and heads for New York City where his cousin Gibbony introduces him to chorus girl Vida for whom he falls. When a girl is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Malhar H (fr) wrote: Too good to be true, gripping screenplay, one of the best crime dramas.No One Killed Jessica, Loud & Clear.

Paul D (au) wrote: Poorly executed mystery thriller.

Cigdem S (gb) wrote: I like Morgan Freeman and, Paz Vega's performance is enjoyable. However, even both of them together cannot make this movie more than OK.

Edmund C (ca) wrote: entertaining and insightful.. helps us see what parents see... and Peter Ash.. i see Peter Ash !

Paul D (ca) wrote: So many people complain about this movie, but I loved it! It isn't quite as good as the original 2, but I still thought it was a lot of fun. I guess people had an issue with the bummer ending, but I thought that made it brilliant. Anyway, haters are gonna hate, but I will always enjoy this movie.

Jesse O (gb) wrote: This is an earnest and heartfelt little movie, with a great performance from Kevin Kline. This is one of those sentimental feel-good movies about the little guy that becomes beacon of goodness in the face of corruption and it was a pretty damn good one at that. Personally, I think Kevin Kline tried too hard to be likable, like the little man that can overcome every obstacle put in front of him in order to become a better president than the guy he was hired to replace. Maybe that's how the script was written, but Kevin Kline tries to be too likable, almost to a fault. That's not to say Kevin isn't good, because he is very good and the film, while it has a good script with plenty of comedy, relies on Kevin Kline's shoulders and he's certainly up to the task as he delivers the goods. I think the script also has some pretty serious "dark" moments, particularly for how light-hearted the film is. Like the whole stroke thing with the real president, that guy never gets out of that coma. It's not super dark, but you don't usually see that in these light-hearted, silly comedies. So I thought that was a good touch that added a little more serious touch to a silly story. The cast is really quite good and they're definitely the reason the film gets the score that it does. The script is also quite funny and I think that combination makes the film a lot of fun to watch even if it is a little sentimental.

George O (jp) wrote: Interesting and frustrating documentary concerning Aileen 'The worlds first female serial killer' Wuornos. Nick Broomfield explores the people surrounding the woman and the case in this inspired insight into the world of the American justice system.

Sean F (au) wrote: Honestly one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. For me personally, Edward was an extremely relatable character, he just wants to fit in and people won't accept him for who he is. This movie was incredible and I will praise it until my last breath.

Steve F (it) wrote: Before "Hancock" and "The Incredibles", we have this unusual film... It was funny, but not consistently so. And Kate Fitzpatrick was AWFUL. Still, when it was funny, it was really funny.

Stephen H (ag) wrote: The dream and reality of love are brough to vibrant life here. Four very different men desire the same woman to complement their own wants. The unfolding story is enveloping and crushing.

Patricia Z (de) wrote: this movie has me missing my best friend. life sux without u.

TheScarlatescu R (fr) wrote: review coming soon ...