Big Daddy

Big Daddy

A lazy law school grad adopts a kid to impress his girlfriend, but everything doesn't go as planned and he becomes the unlikely foster father.

This film is about a lazy lawyer. He accidentally wins in a lawsuit and gets a sizable bonus and lives with this money. His girlfriend even wants to leave him. Then one day, his friend goes to work, and he gives him a 5-year-old boy. He does not know what to do with him. But the boy changes his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alonso A (gb) wrote: Crowd pleaser or not, this movie is crafted in a great way, has great actings and wit, and a touching story

Red L (it) wrote: I like science fiction, so I enjoyed most of the story. This movie does suffer from an un-understandable story line at times, and it is not that unique, but it is fun when Clary finds out what she is.

Heekiah J (it) wrote: A good insight to the man and the movement. It seems like it might just be propaganda for Evo, but gives just enough insight to allow for a man to appear in the story. What it fails to do, and what Evo will be measured on, on the world stage is if his integrity is a transferable trait, not just something for which he is revered. A good snap shot of the time. We wait for the tale to be told.

Shane E (ca) wrote: Not nearly as good as the first 2, however its got some good parts,but something was missing. Randy perhaps.

Danny M (gb) wrote: Seen this loads. Great comedy film. Back in Jims hay day

Ann M (jp) wrote: Excellent Girly Film.

scott g (au) wrote: jared leto does irish, and pretty convincing too. nice likttle tale of irish youth, and christina rikki turning up as a american tourist

Jocey D (br) wrote: Powerful. Gripping. Strong. Words which describe as much this movie as those who serve to protect us. The truth should be told. All the truth. Great cast.

Daniel P (nl) wrote: A startling film, and clearly an influence on the likes of Dogtooth, Bad Boy Bubby is disturbing and troubling but also often very funny. Despite a relentlessly bleak first hour, the film has an optimistic, even humanistic conclusion and a refreshingly positive atheistic philosophy. The final section does drag, it's true, especially some of the band-jam scenes, but Nicholas Hope's performance is extraordinary and how many films can you name that contain incest, horrific abuse, death by cling-film and rape and yet have a decidedly upbeat ending?

Matthew L (ag) wrote: The French 'Hud'...only with angels, love and forgiveness.

Claire J (mx) wrote: Likeable and easy watching. Tina Fey & Paul Rudd are joined by a scene-stealing Lily Tomlin. Heartwarming with some engagingly funny moments

Eduardo R (gb) wrote: The movie itself is a clich, but Timberlake and Kunis make it really enjoyable to watch.

Smashproplaya (br) wrote: Worst animated spinoff