Big Deal on Madonna Street

Big Deal on Madonna Street

Peppe, formerly a boxer, organizes the break-in of a pawnshop. Tiberio, an unemployed photographer, Mario, a receiver, the Sicilian Michele and Capannelle, an ex-jockey, are the other members of the gang. Though they are advised by Dante, a retired burglar, the task is not so easy...

A motley quintet of inept small-time thieves bungle the burglary of a local pawnshop in this Italian farce. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Big Deal on Madonna Street torrent reviews

geanabelle m (es) wrote: great my son see the movie every day

Eileen M (gb) wrote: Such a Great movie, love the narration by Cage it makes the movie! One of those movies I can watch over and over! Oh and the soundtrack is awesome as well!!

Tyler S (gb) wrote: Decent little film with some interesting characters and a game of cards. That's really all.

Brett B (kr) wrote: Best SciFi comedy of all time.-easily my favorite movie, ever.

Maxwell M (nl) wrote: Natasha is amazing. Under rated movie!

Shawn G (mx) wrote: Just saw this movie and even though it is a bit slow the story kept me interested all the way through. I dig Donald Sutherland movies and he and Stephen Rea are great to watch in this one. Based on a true story makes it that much better!

Jouni R (au) wrote: If you're looking for a good B-class action movie, check this one out. Other than that, avoid!

russell s (fr) wrote: again Chevy Chase at his best a must see

Rick L (kr) wrote: Tomorrow nights B flick madness. LOL

Andrew O (gb) wrote: While it's humor is undoubtably dated, Tom Jones gets by with surprising wit and the clever inversion of the "comedy of manners" genre into a sex comedy.

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