Big Driver

Big Driver

Based on a novella from Stephen King, A famous mystery writer sets out for revenge after a brutal attack.

As her mind is shattered, famed mystery novelist Tess Thorne (Maria Bello) seeks revenge on the man who brutally assaulted her and left her for dead on a desolate New England road. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim F (es) wrote: While difficult to follow at times (part of Shane Carruth's style), this movie weaves a creative story. While the film may not be for everyone, if you're into a cerebral take on mind control, this movie could well work for you.

Jess G (fr) wrote: Garca-Montero does an excellent job of seamlessly interweaving the story of a little girl living in her own world with the story of a Peruvian nation undergoing political strain. The visuals and the soundtrack are beautiful, the historical allusions and cultural depictions remain truly relevant, and the dark and yet hilarious script leaves the viewer wanting more.

Shawn M (fr) wrote: Interesting story, elements of SAW of course, another one of those films you just have to watch out of curiosity once it begins. an "ok" watch but nothing that special.

Private U (au) wrote: Beautiful photogenic locations and scenes, and a brief moment of amazing mongolian singing and music, but got a little too weird near the end.

Robert S (us) wrote: Love this movie. That is all.

Paul D (au) wrote: Not funny or realistic in any sense.

Amanda S (kr) wrote: This is the movie that made me fall in love with Chopin's music (didn't hurt that he was played by Hugh Grant) and become interested in George Sand. Still love it!

Matt C (it) wrote: the most real depiction of basic training ive ever seen

Phil H (gb) wrote: Terrific dated action feast from Walter Hill that clearly shows early ideas for his other action feasts and also kinda reminded me of an early 'Expendables' type film. The cast in this is pretty awesome in terms of characters actors, Nolte, Ironside, Torn, Powers Boothe, Maria Conchita Alonso, Clancy Brown, William Forsythe, Marco Rodrguez, Mickey Jones and Tommy 'Tiny' Lister...oddly.Its basically a big build up to a big shoot em up at the finale between everyone with double cross and bullets flying everywhere, very over the top and so very very 80's, lovely. Nothing much to explain really, if you like loud action flicks with plenty of henchmen getting shot in slow motion then this is for you baby, Nolte is gruff and miserable, Ironside is evil and slimy whilst Forsythe is like a hurricane with profanity filled fast dialog.Love how in these films everyone seems to get shot in the shoulder or just below, doesn't matter how many times they get shot or the range its always the shoulder area, brilliant!.

Daniel P (ru) wrote: Our finest hourStunning aerial sequences, no cgi comes close, these are real dog fights! 109E's v Spitfires ~ classic

Christopher B (kr) wrote: Half the fun is watching for the little digs - whether they be about dating, society, or the rat-pack. Otherwise it's only a Bond flick with a tenth the budget.

Carlos M (us) wrote: Rossellini scandalized the United States with this excellent and daring drama about an unfortunate woman stuck with small-minded people on a volcanic rock, and it hits us with powerful scenes that are hard to be forgotten, like the horrific tuna fishing and the volcano explosion.

Leena L (de) wrote: Groundhog Day with a twist and a brilliant cast! Although not much really happened and at some point it was rather predictable Colin, Nicole and Mark made it an enjoyable 1.5 hours! And make you think what if that happened to you?