Big Heart City

Big Heart City

A recidivist horse better in search of his missing girlfriend discovers that though circumstances seem to indicate that something horrible has occurred, something entirely beyond his ...

A recidivist horse better in search of his missing girlfriend discovers that though circumstances seem to indicate that something horrible has occurred, something entirely beyond his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luciene C (jp) wrote: Adoraria conversar com todo mundo que viu esse filme para ouvir o que acharam. Todos aqueles que sobreviveram s 4 horas e 10 minutos de projeo, bem entendido. Eu daria mais uma estrelinha, mas minha cervical proibiu. :)

Alex K (gb) wrote: 1972's The Godfather Is My Fourth Favorite Film Of All Time And 1994's Pulp Fiction Is My Seventh Favorite Film Of All Time.

Fivos G (us) wrote: ?? ?? ???????????. ???? ??????? ??????? ???? ? ??????? ????? ??????????? ??? ?? ????? ?? ????? ?? ?????????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?? ???: "??? ????, ???? ?? ????????!"

Adesh P (gb) wrote: It is the nonsense of all nonsense. The sole hakdaar of the crown of Mother of all nonsense of all time. Its unbelievable how so much nonsense they managed to stuff in mere three hours. Added bonanza is ofcourse very mine Sridevi doing Laale di jaan in her south Indian accent and squeaky voice (but that doesn??t mean it decreases my love for her even an ounce) and there is also Nagarjuna who whispers throughout the film wearing his shady shades instead of talking and Anjana mumtaz, who plays his mom, keeps yelling allah and khuda all the time with her own hands on her ears. Then there is Shilpa Shirodkar who for a change doesn??t get raped in the rain- of which, according to my friend, she was a specialist! And who and how can one forget Shammi aunty??s histrionics? I miss her tere moonh mein keede tere moonh mein dhool so much. The music is outstanding though and the film can be comfortably watched over a period of seven days.

Blake P (br) wrote: She doesn't ever crack a smile. Hate rests in her wide onyx eyes, her body language speaking in tongues that suggest she'll cut your heart out if you come so far as interrupting a thought. Don't make judgment regarding her personality based on her opaque skin, her childlike innocence, her soft manner of dress; be fooled by the way she presents herself and you'll come to regret it, becoming another victim in her path of bloody revenge. She was born to seek vengeance, and if her mission is obstructed by Buddha himself, she'll kill him too. It is mercy, compassion, and forgiveness she lacks, not rationality. I am, of course, speaking of "Lady Snowblood's" eponymous heroine, who goes by the name of Yuki and who doesn't much care if you're bothered by her unrelenting ability to slice and maim the villains that confront her on a regular basis. Played by the ravishing Meiko Kaji, a great beauty whose porcelain features make her even more interesting of a revenge connoisseur, Yuki is a forgotten action heroine who rivals the likes of Foxy Brown, Beatrix Kiddo, and Black Widow, selling a character that most would have trouble conveying seriously. By now, "Lady Snowblood" has gained traction in the film community due to its huge impact on Quentin Tarantino's flawless "Kill Bill" duet, and, more recently, because of its Criterion Collection revamping, which will hopefully give it a notoriety more widespread than the cultish infamy it has treaded through for forty-some years. A hidden masterpiece it is - not an exploitative "girl with a weapon" movie a la "They Call Her One Eye" or "I Spit On Your Grave," it is a work of severed limb surrounded poetry, defeating its budgetary limitations through extraordinary camerawork and artistically wondrous direction from Toshiya Fujita. Its scenery is breathtaking, its violence high-wired and strangely kinetic; with little, it diffuses irresistible celluloid wizardry. Though I wish it were slightly more grandiose in its scenes of violence (which make the film fresh again after some goings are rough), "Lady Snowblood's" story is more attentive than we'd expect with material like this - set in the late 1800s, it follows the unequalled Yuki as she begins her years-in-the-making revenge quest. Through flashback, we discover that her mother (Miyoko Akaza), along with her husband and son, were attacked by a gang of vicious criminals before her birth, her mother the only survivor. At first, the latter attempts to find vengeance herself, but is instead caught and imprisoned. Knowing that she will never be able to escape the confines of her cell, she intentionally gets herself pregnant so that the baby born will exist purely to avenge the sins done to her family. Two decades later, the baby grows up to be Yuki, who never experienced a childhood and who has never known anything besides bloodlust. With the four individuals responsible for her family's ruin still living life as though nothing has changed, she is determined to off them cruelly and efficiently - we can only wonder what her life's purpose will be once her mission is completed and the thirst of revenge is quenched. As it is an above-average B-movie, I'll be the first to admit that "Lady Snowblood" has a few story-based issues, whether they be because of the decision to put more attention upon watery drama than fight scenes, or the way the mini-revenges themselves are not always as gratifying as we'd like them to be. But complaints should not abound in a film without the financial capabilities in Tarantino's pocket - considering what and whom it as, "Lady Snowblood" is a minor masterpiece in the revenge genre, expertly filmed and featuring visuals bold enough to kick you in the crotch. Kaji gives a masterful performance, understated to unnerving ends, and Fujita's direction feels grand even when certain components refuse to be. There isn't anything quite like "Lady Snowblood," and fingers are crossed that it goes from perpetual underdog to "Death Wish" overthrower. It's something special not to be missed.

Orlok W (au) wrote: The Springfield Rifle is a fantastic counterespionage story... The Counterfeit Copperhead--A simple and very familiar sort of story that is well-told and worth seeing!!

Rebecca M (ca) wrote: This movie was mind-blowing. Jamie Foxx was amazing. Every teenager should be required to watch this.

Robert B (br) wrote: Martha Marcy May Marlene starts better than it ends. Elizabeth Olson plays a sympathetic lead in an intense role. One expects there to be some kind of character development, some payoff for the emotional investment in the main character that the film builds up. Unfortunately, plotwise, the film devolves into a vehicle for cheap thrills and goes nowhere. One wishes it would have been more, but for what it is, it is still worth a view. Recommended to those interested in social dynamics and what life is like for people caught up in cults.

Gaby G (ca) wrote: Uneven story telling. The protagonists are lame until one of them goes over the edge. The movie gets 2 starts. 1/2 for the performances of the male leads.