Big Man on Campus

In this version of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", a hunchback is found living in the bell tower of UCLA. He is put on trial and made to go through tests. One of the research doctors falls for him, and he falls for her in the end.

One of the research doctors falls for him, and he falls for her in the end. He is put on trial and made to go through tests. In this version of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", a hunchback is found living in the bell tower of UCLA

Big Man on Campus is a excited movies torrent of Allan Katz. The released year of this movie is 1989. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, such as Allan Katz, Corey Parker, Cindy Williams, Melora Hardin, Gerrit Graham, Jessica Harper, Tom Skerritt, John Finnegan, Bill Morey, Adrew Block, Armin Shimerman, Sam Assaid, Steven Barr, Catherine Bergstrom, Nat Bernstein. The kind of movie are Fantasy. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Bill T (es)

ut somewhat fun as you want to see what else this film has up it's sleeves (like John Turturro as Barton Fink as hitman!). Yeah, this just goes ALL over the place. . Pretty goofy movie that has an amazing cast (Jodie Foster! Dennis Hopper! John Turturro! Vincent Price! etc) about an LCD artist (don't ask) who has a hit placed on her, but the hitman falls in love with her, and soon, so does she! Dennis Hopper directs, and you know what that means

Brandon W (nl)

Even though 13 Sins wasn't trying to scare the viewers and was trying to disturb them which Daniel Stamm's previous film The Last Exorcism was trying to do both, it still got me invested to know where it's going next and has a bit of a fast pace to keep the viewers interested. Ron Perlman is pretty good, and the twists are pretty effective. It's disturbing, but it's never too disturbing that it'll turn some moviegoers away, although the gore might which the effects looks off. There were some moments that o wonder if it was going there because of that one scene, and it does which made it a bit predictable. The writing is pretty good that brings out some good thrills, and unexpected dark humor that's funny. I haven't seen any of the films that Devon Graye was in, but when he played the handicapped brother, he is entirely believable in it that I first thought that he was actually handicapped. The main character is pretty developed enough that the viewers want him to complete all 13 challenges. Mark Webber is absolutely great in this and makes a good transition from scared to worried, to just plain intimidating. With that said, 13 Sins is a great film that it should've been in larger theaters like The Last Exorcism. Now I admit, I was a bit skeptical about it as this is an Asian remake which the only films that only worked are a The Ring and The Grudge. Well , they finally made one, but it doesn't have the same director nor the writers too as they had different movie projects which for director Daniel Stamm, it's 13 Sins. After watching The Last Exorcism, I was curious to see what the sequel was going to bring if they make one that is

Brian C (es)

The true horror of this movie is seeing how a troubled mind tries to cope with the confliction of her fantasies and the harsh reality around her. . . or she killed him. . . or he died from cancer. . . when he died in a car accident. . . . Everything in her life surrounds around the breakup of her boyfriend Seth. Fascinating movie shown from the point of view from a woman suffering from schizophrenia, dementia and hallucinations

Claire T (mx)

loved it, it was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, I loved it and I've got it on DVD, I thought it was a great film and it starred Bruce Dern, thought it was good, great movie, it also starred Karen Black

Jack G (kr)

Thrilling. Think about the story line that was actually good. Okay I'm not going to review this movie by the ending like everyone else is

James M (us)

I just don't get the appeal at all. There's a load of terrible 80's songs too. Is it supposed to be a satire of how superficial hollywood is? All I watched was 90 odd minutes of Geena Davis swanning around in tight outfits, Jeff Goldblum pouting and Jim Carrey & Damon Wayans being annoying. A cult hit which I just didn't 'get'

jay n (nl)

Dyan while good in her role looks like hell. Pleasant diversion with an able cast who don't get a chance to be featured prominently any longer

Jeri A (fr)

Steamy and slightly haunting

Keith C (es)

Secondly, Bates is Horace Hardwick's faithful valet, not Jerry's. Dale Tremont (Rogers) is far from wealthy and at one point threatens to return to America and live on the dole. " I must be nerdy and correct a couple of errors in this page's Movie Info section. All that to one side, the film has a lot of funny moments plus a terrific score by Irving Berlin and an exquisite dance to "Cheek to Cheek. We are expected to swallow the idea that Astaire, having successfully pursued Rogers in the "Isn't it a Lovely Day" sequences, doesn't follow up by introducing himself. For my money, Top Hat is THE best Astaire-Rogers movie and my very favorite film, despite the mistaken identity plot that has a Mack-truck-size hole in it

Lee M (us)

Strasberg's doe-eyed dedication to her role and Douglas Slocombe's brilliant black-and-white cinematography counterbalance the film's increasingly ridiculous plot turns, which nonetheless have a crude, jaw-dropper effectiveness