Big Momma's House

Big Momma's House

When a street-smart FBI agent is sent to Georgia to protect a beautiful single mother and her son from an escaped convict, he is forced to impersonate a crass Southern granny known as Big Momma in order to remain incognito.

FBI agent Malcolm Turner is tough, smart and a master of disguise. There's nothing he can't handle, but here comes the biggest challenge: impersonating the cantankerous Southern granny Big Momma to protect a woman and her son from a robber. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyesha D (br) wrote: just want to see it so bad


Joseph H (ru) wrote: even with it's flaws diary of the wimpy kid is still very entertain film with some great humor.

Andy A (nl) wrote: Though it recalls the little known but eminently important story of what might be considered one of the ultimate atrocities, and does so with a great deal of style and tact (using a number of actors, big and small, to play the voices of true-life historical figures), I couldn't help but get the feeling that the story of Nanking itself was substituted for that of a westernized sideshow, one which, even for all of its good intentions, seemed to lose sight of the true focus. It pulls at your heartstrings with a few extremely gut-wrenching interviews and footage, but in all it seemed as though it was trying to hard to pull of a "Schindler's List" or "Hotel Rwanda" to be truly effective in the conveyance of its message. I wouldn't be so harsh as to call it transparent, but it definitely doesn't do justice to Iris Chang's masterpiece.

Todd A (es) wrote: An interesting concept is wrecked by an absurd third act and bland characters who we don't mind watching getting eaten.

Matt B (jp) wrote: Couldn't find the remote. Did not want to move from couch. Torture.

Killa Mike 1866bill (kr) wrote: This Movie Is Smart And Well Put Together,From Beginning To End I Liked It

Louis M (ca) wrote: War ! What is it good for absolutely nothing! Say it again war!

Antti T (de) wrote: Franco's shoestring budget sleaze was probably shot same time with excellent Sadomania. It has minimalist surroundings and only few actors (basically Romay and Wilson..and a few naked people), which makes it "odd" and pretty surreal. Overall this is again one of those movies from Jesus that is more state of mind than actual real movie.

Laura N (gb) wrote: I enjoyed it. It was particularly fun if you have watched a slew of Hitchcock movies before hand. I LOVED the shower scene as well as the bird scene. The werewolf scene was the best. Harvey Korman and Cloris Leachman steal the show.

Ryan S (ca) wrote: The Citizen Kane of Eurotrash. Surprisingly beautiful location filming, with that classic mid-70's print saturation. Oh SURE there's goat humping, dirty hippie rapists, and incestual suduction/murderings, but you know, that's why it was called the "Me Decade".

Mau R (ca) wrote: The couple of main characters are attracted pasionally to each other, but make a constant effort to avoid premarital sex. What a nice, original way of defending the virtue of chastity in this classic screwball, which is so uncommon on todays Hollywood movies