Big Monster War

Big Monster War

When a Babylonian vampire comes to old Japan, an army of Japanese demons and ghosts gather and battle him.

When a European vampire comes to old Japan, an army of Japanese demons and ghosts gather and battle him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Big Monster War torrent reviews

Tyson W (es) wrote: Massively underrated. Cool, funny, well shot. Uneven in tone and very obviously a first-time director. A fantastic calling card for a director who appears to have done very little since.

Nicols T (fr) wrote: Jim Gordon Year One, con la aparicion especial de Batman y una mas especial de Catwoman.

Annelies S (gb) wrote: Very funny how Scandinavians seem to be able to make movies together with four different nations including four languages, being Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian. This story is based on true facts and gives the viewer another reason to doubt the power of the church. This movie shows that not only the Catholic countries were in the evil hands of church. The story made me once again quite angry. A good movie should do that!

Vanessa S (de) wrote: She (Miranda) wasn't in that so much!;)

Amy B (ag) wrote: Creativity is at work here.The plot is not the usual single mother who is trying to make ends meet. The twists were very artistic.

Matt F (de) wrote: Fascinating character study, and young Alison Lohman steals the show. She's one to watch in the future, and be sure to check her out in Matchstick Men.

Gordon R (es) wrote: White trash janitor tells his story of misadventures in this forgettable but sometimes funny comedy.

Jeremy S (us) wrote: So dumb and so bad, no way would it get made now with the BS P.C. Correct crap going on now

Anthony C (es) wrote: A japanesse hoke classic . Som say this is a ripp off of godzilla(i guess it kinda is) but its really a film of its own. I mean come on who dissess a movie with a gaint flying turtle?

Tim M (br) wrote: Tim Burton's rendition of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is much darker, less sweet, and very satisfying. This material plays to its directors strengths.

(au) wrote: Well, it's down at the end of lonely street at...

Peter S (mx) wrote: Remember when Nicolas Cage knew to pick roles and to act them in a good way? This is the ultimate example of that time. Outstanding movie.

Brian C (ca) wrote: Well, that was ... a thing. That happened. That probably shouldn't have.

Kristi M (de) wrote: Witty, understated, intelligent and fun. I don't think I'd change anything about it, the pace is perfect and the animation is great so the kids stay entertained while boasting satire that rivals the Simpsons. It manages to reinforce the message of tolerance while not forcing it down your throat which I also greatly appreciate. There aren't many movies that succeed in being family movies that don't make me want to poke my eyes out much less tolerate so this is a rare gem indeed (I saw a review stating that this is like a gateway drug to horror movies and that's a fantastically true!).

Jacob B (us) wrote: With stunning photorealistic CGI, entertaining Western action and plenty of laughs, the Oscar-winning Rango is not only a fun and enjoyable film but it's also the best animated film from Nickelodeon Movies in years while also proving that Gore Verbinski has an unexpected knack for animated films.

Connie H (it) wrote: It is so good, it has to be sent from heaven. The young boy who plays Jesus is outstanding. All of the actors brought the story to life. It is a masterpiece that brings you right to the time period. It was more than a film. It was alive with truth. Thank you God, for this movie.