Big Night

Big Night

Primo & Secondo, two immigrant brothers, pin their hopes on a banquet honoring Louis Prima to save their struggling restaurant.

Primo and Secondo, two brothers, have come from Italy to America in hopes of running a successful, authentic Italian restaurant in 1950s-era New Jersey. Unfortunately they discover that they have an awful lot to learn about business in the New World. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy C (fr) wrote: Suuuuuuuuuuuuper dumb, but purposely so. I giggled.

Je A (us) wrote: this film looks ACE!! so gotta do it! make up some versions of ya fave movies!

Sally J (es) wrote: Great Movie, I liked the mixture of Romance, Drama, and Comedy in the setting of a Zombie Documentary

Brenda A (ru) wrote: 21st Century Shakespeare~Like Romance/Tragedy. MusicaLw/subtitLes aside, it's a Love~Story: Love of "that 1" person, of famiLy and vaLues and cuLture and Humanity. Break out the KLeenex!

Mike M (jp) wrote: Absolutely brilliant. Rian Johnson delivers an interesting and clever take on the classic noir that isn't afraid at times to subtly make fun of itself.

Kunjan U (gb) wrote: Only watch this movie for The Gorgeous and Sexy Penelope Cruz. Story is pathetic.

Eric C (us) wrote: Pretty decent attempt to "first" end the series. Here's an attempt by Sylvester Stallone and John G Advildsen to return to the basics. It's not the best of the series, but it gives Rocky another great fight...a street fight. We all know Rocky was a Collector, we all know that Rocky has always been a fighter. This is also more of a story for Rocky Jr.(Sage Stallone). Since Rocky Jr. has been raised as a rich boy, it was time for him to expierence the hard ships his parents went through. A recommended film after the other 4 movies. Remember without this film we wouldn't have the greatness of Rocky Balboa(2006)

Elly P (nl) wrote: 2/5/16Most people don't have wonderful life experiences with the perfect friends, parents and teachers. Not everyone gets to live the life they always dream of. This movie handled that brilliantly. I wish everyone could experience a teacher like this. In life you have to take all the opportunities that come your way and never be afraid to say hell to the standard and march to the beat of your own drum.Aside from the incredible message, it was still a touching story. I will admit, it was lacking in some areas. Not everything was resolved, but the movie may be better for it. The fact that everything is left open is in itself poetic. And if that last scene doesn't move you to tears then I don't think you have ever really lived.Side note: This made me incredibly sad that Robin Williams can no longer make moving movies that touch everyone who takes the time to watch.

Shane J (ru) wrote: Chuck norris at the begining of this film has nightmares that he only has a tauch. Also in the dream is a serial killer he only just manages to capture. The serial killer escapes, and goes on a killing spree including norris mate and a few women. Luckly norris is still about now with a beard! So the guy has no chance!! Not as good as other norris movies as it really lacks some real norris ass kicking imo. Also the bad guy known as the terror was lame as shite. He seems to have superhuman strength and able to break necks just for fun? But not norris neck as norris neck is unbreakable, full stop!!!

Guido M (nl) wrote: DePalma does his best DePalma in Blow Out. He mixes a delicious amount of wicked humour with unnerving suspense, and a visual style that is mesmerizing, with scenes that are instant cinematographic classics. Near the end, the movie gets too DePalma for its own good, but still, Blow Out never blows (Horrible pun intended).Jack (John Travolta) is a soundman whose main body of works are hilariously bad horror films (Right in the opening scene, which is great, we get a glimpse at one of these ridiculous slasher flicks). When his boss tells him to get a new sound effect for wind, he takes his microphone and recorder out one night and starts to seek for that sound. Instead, he unintentionally records an accident, in which a car ended up careening out of control into a river. Jack manages to save a passanger, Sally (Nancy Allen), but the other passenger, none other than a famous politician, does not survive. However, as Jack goes back to the events of that night, he starts to develop an obsession over the supposed "accident", which could, in fact, be a murder.An interesting premise is kept interesting until the very end, with DePalma delivering sequence after sequence of intense thrills, noir-like panache and tangy satire, not only in the opening sequence but throught many moments in the film as well. DePalma is great at being scary and funny at the same time, but he just can't control himself.The character of Jack is actually a smarmy asshat for the first 20 minutes or so. Just after the accident happened, he is flirting with Sally, for instance. In fact, Sally is no angel herself. After the accident, she also awkwardly flirts with Jack. This is a small moment, but that DePalma seems to gloss over. In fact, the whole relationship between Jack and Sally is an oddity all by itself. However the two individuals, the fulsome Jack and the naive sally, seem to be a fair pair after all.Still, DePalma doesn't let go, and the very end of the film is just senseless. Yes, it's sort of creepy, but it also lacks logic regarding the characters and the plot. It is difficult to know what the genius DePalma tried to say or to show, but it is easy to see that it is a poor attempt to keep exploiting his genius.However, saying I didn't have fun with Blow Out would be a lie. It is tense, shrill, at times clever and surprisingly consistently tongue-in-cheek. Yes, it is over-the-top and dumb, but it is DePalma. You are either on board or not, and I'm definitely in. Hell, the shades of pure genius that can be found in Blow Out are just divine.

Noname (mx) wrote: Pretty good actors like Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg made me wanted to take a closer look of this drama/crime movie. The movie it self are decent with more drama then action and follows the story of 2 brothers back in the 80s. One as a cop and the other working as a nightclub manager. It can't compete with other big crime movies but i really enjoyed this after the movie ended and if u are into this genre i bet u will like it aswell.

stefano l (mx) wrote: Boring for an hour or so, then not boring for 10 minutes, then boring again until the end.

Jeffrey T (au) wrote: I found it entertaining (but I live for the day someone actually does this to Jim Cramer...)