Big Nothing

Big Nothing

A frustrated, unemployed teacher joins forces with a scammer and his girlfriend in a blackmailing scheme.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   widow,   blackmail,  

Charlie Wood married Penelope police officer and have a child together. But the current job is malfunctioning and he has to face unemployment as he takes care of his children. Fortunately Charlie earns a temporary job enough to cover idle time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordi M (au) wrote: Welll now that it won the Goya Prize for best feature film... lets say it: a must! Maybe with the prize it will get more people into the movie theaters. Maybe.

Andrew G (ag) wrote: Exorcist: The Beginning makes the fatal mistake of confusing "gross" with "scary". It's a disgrace to the original; a haphazardly shot, laughably stupid, and scare-free exercise in cinematic filth.

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Viviana M (ag) wrote: i love this movie my fav movie since i was a kid

Allan C (ru) wrote: This film reminded me of a number of quirky independent films of the 80s, like "Earth Girls are Easy," "Bagdad Cafe," or "Six String Samurai," though unfortunately this one was nowhere as good. The film boasts a strong director in Mark Romanek, who disowned the film and would later go on to make "One Hour Photo" and the brilliant "Never Let Me Go," and also a strong co-writer/star, Keith Gordon, who'd follow this film up with his directorial debut "The Chocolate War," then "A Midnight Clear," and the very underrated "Mother Night." Despite that pedigree, this oddballs story of Gordon inventing a machine that is supposed to allow people to see picture of heaven, although most people only see static except for Gordon. The quirky story is complimented with a quirky cast that includes Amanda Plummer and Bob Gunton, but the story seems pretentious, obvious in it's metaphor, and simply not all that entertaining. I did like the soundtrack though, which featured Elvis, to Johnny Cash, to OMD, to Brian Eno, to the film's especially good kickoff playing The The's "This is the Day." Not much to recommend here outside of some 80s nostalgia, which I'll admit was enough to hold my interest.

Saeed R (ru) wrote: Gang type mentality , a few events in life , and the need to be accepted can turn a man into a beast he despises.

Anne D (mx) wrote: Yes, this movie was made in 2006 and I'm just now getting around to a review. I pity the fool who saw it first-run. A co-worker handed this to me (i.e., they own it) last week and said how HILARIOUS the movie is and how much "the best friend" reminded them of me. Lovely compliment - the best friend is one of the few good parts of the movie. I'm 3 years behind with this easy joke, but: Failure to Launch did not fail to make ME launch.I still can't figure out if Sarah Jessica Parker is actually attractive or has some kind of mind-bending device that makes the world believe she is (a general comment not having to do with the movie in particular)For the most part, McConaghey keeps his shirt on. Big mistake.You know who DOES take his shirt off? For an entire scene?? Terry Bradshaw. Oh, and not just his shirt.The DVD has no outtake/gag reel. That would have needed a separate stand-alone six-disc bonus materials special feature release.Hollywood, listen to me: Zooey Deschanel is underused talent.I don't get the dead former girlfriend / "nephew" plot line, unless you need to have an adorable child in your movie, which you don't.The animals biting him and that being a metaphor for living your life...what???The life preserver metaphor at the end??Suddenly it's the mom who wants to fix everything? Oh, and this is my surprised face to learn that it's HER issues that make her keep her son at home @ 35. Crimeny.Locking them in, in order to repair the damage? Extreme.He FORGIVES her? Not only that, he forgives his PARENTS??Oh, for god's sake.

David L (br) wrote: Ferris Bueller's Day Off is admittedly a product of its time as it is too naive, childish and unrealistic, but it mostly succeeds in its simplicity as it is a lot of fun. The structure of the movie works, the characters are very memorable, the humor is mostly quite good and the highlights are the first and last act. It is charming and entertaining, but still far from the director's best works.