Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me is a feature-length documentary film about the dismal commercial failure, subsequent massive critical acclaim, and enduring legacy of pop music's greatest cult phenomenon, Big Star.

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me is a feature-length documentary film about the dismal commercial failure, subsequent massive critical acclaim, and enduring legacy of pop music's greatest cult phenomenon, Big Star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (us) wrote: Fun film, great way to learn about an athletic subculture (women's crew) that most people don't know much about.

leane e (ag) wrote: it was so weird seeing cuba in direct to DVD movies now hes done such good stuff in the past but this is happening to more and more actors lately and just like his co-star lundgren B movies are where they are now but im happy to watch them in whatever they do and this movie was good the story worked well and i liked cuba's and lundgren's roles as assassins they played them well i liked the humor lundgren put into his they were fun to watch and this movie had enough action and plot going on to keep you interested

Ebony S (de) wrote: Best thing about the film is the dog!!! No one paid the poor pup any mind at the end there!! :0(But he's a champion pup!!! ;0)

Private U (nl) wrote: One of the worst movies ever made. Or best, depending on your point of view. I for example, enjoy goth clubs that only have like, five people, in them and cows mooing in the background. Totally wasn't shot in some guys barn...nope.I also love mystery vans that don't need drivers yet always are shot driving...I guess "Goth" (great name for a goth kid by the way, real creative) was using her evil toh powers to drive the van. Yeah. See it. Youwon't forget it.

Andre M (us) wrote: Funny but Good Movie

Vicky D (nl) wrote: It provides just the right amount of escapism to put a smile on your face on a gloomy day. A wonderful feel-good movie.

Kiel C (ag) wrote: A thriller in every sense. I can't wait to watch it again and again and again....

Camille L (nl) wrote: Trop souvent, le terme experimental est balance sans reelle legitimite. Pour Schizopolis, il est tout a fait adequat. Comedie hilarante sans aucun sens, le film est fascinant, passionnant et surtout bien interprete par Soderbergh himself qui s'y montre a son avantage en heros comique nevrose. La mise en scene est virtuose, l'absence de scenario habilement remplacee par une direction d'acteur epoustouflante et la musique parfaite. Que demande le peuple?

Ralph R (it) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

Gratton C (ag) wrote: Not a bad movie. Cheesy 50's sci fi. Dog getting vaporized , a nice old man relaying too much information to spooky aliens. And a giant gorgan knocking over power lines. WATCH IT

Joey T (br) wrote: Very Stupid but entertaining.

Daniel K (de) wrote: I have come to realize that John Ford is the greatest director of American films to have ever walked the earth. He seems to have mastered the art of storytelling completely and focused on varying periods of American history. It??s interesting that he was able to bring to life so many different chapters of American history and yet his passion lay closer to Ireland and The Quiet Man. It only proves once again that one can be simultaneously proud of one??s ancestral lands and country, even if they are separated by an ocean. I am similarly drawn to England, Wales, and Germany even though I am also obviously an American. It??s incredible this is Ford??s first Technicolor effort as it looks incredible, but then again he did have Mrs. Kalmus in the lab (sense the sarcasm, but she did make it look beautiful usually). The chase scene towards the end looks spectacular. It is certainly a far cry from more modern interpretations of the color palette associated with frontier areas though. I can??t say I??m a big Colbert fan, but Fonda turns in another stellar performance and has the eyes to go along with it. I can??t immediately recall a revolutionary war film that compares to this in quality. It??s interesting how relevant aspects of it could be to the current conflicts America is involved in, but the film certainly was not about COIN for Ford. He definitely knows how to end a film though.

William F (ru) wrote: Kevin James is too ridiculous.

Cooper H (gb) wrote: John Hughes delivers a great yet simple story revolving around a birthday and love. Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall are both great together and separate.

Andrew M (us) wrote: Steven Soderbergh's directorial debut is a really solid film that essentially jumpstarted indie, low-budget filmmaking. At its core, this is a slow-burn sex-based drama that is surprisingly tension filled, and it does this in a subtle manner that really works for the film. It's not overly sex-driven, in the way Basic Instinct or films of that nature are sex-driven, however: instead, it's almost a character study, with sex as a major focal point. The four main performances are good across the board, but it's James Spader who steals the show, in a nuanced performance that adds so much to his mysterious character. Soderbergh's screenplay is fascinating, and his direction and camerawork is unsurprisingly great, but even more so due to the film's low budget. While the first act is a little slow, once Sex, Lies, and Videotape gets in motion, it's a powerful drama that shouldn't be missed.