Big Trouble

Big Trouble

The story of how a mysterious suitcase brings together, and changes, the lives of a divorced dad, an unhappy housewife, two hitmen, a pair of street thugs, two love struck teens, two FBI men and a psychedelic toad. Based on Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist Dave Barry's best-selling first novel, "Big Trouble."

The lives of several Miami denizens, from ad agents to gunrunners to street thugs to law enforcement to school-children, intersect with humorous and dangerous results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody L (br) wrote: Pretty dark, haunting, yet deep movie and great performances from Nick Krause, Sam Trammel, and Britt Robertson.

Mani K (fr) wrote: The movie is a prequel for 2007 drama, with the same name and it follows the path of the protagonist, David Billa, how he turns up to be a Don from an ordinary man. Had this been some superstar, the ordinary man to extraordinary, would have been easy; no need of intrinsic details, put a song, show confidence in the man's face, after 5 mins, show him as a rich person.Well the director has taken an extraordinary step in Tamil Cinema, after Nayagan(Times list of Top 100) of following up a person's life and that too of a Don; well exactly he has fallen short by a great measure of keeping the audience engaged, giving a plot to prove his extraordinary powers ; atleast show the confidence of a person, undertaking multitude of tasks; but, still this is a 'fresh' movie, which is worth a watch, as its first of a prequel kind of thing,; the charisma of the protagonist, bold action sequences, excellent cinematography and extraordinary background music ! Cheers..! :-) Go in with no expectations and a simple mindset, mainly after watching the first part, you can have a good movie to the enjoyment, albeit a few defeciencies...

Sarfara A (kr) wrote: Blancanieves - Spanish black-and-white silent film - co-produced, written and directed by Pablo Berger. It is based on popular fairy-tale story of 'Snow White' by Brothers Grimm. Starring Maribel Verdu (Pan's Labyrinth) and Daniel Gimnez Cacho. Blancanieves was the Spanish entry for 'Best Foreign Language' Oscar award but could not make it to shortlist. Although the film won 'Special Jury Prize at San Sebastin International Film Festival - Macarena Garca won Silver Shell for Best Actress ex-aequo - 'Best Foreign Film' at Csar Awards. It received several Goya Awards (including Best Film). Editing by Alfonso de Vilallonga - director of photography 'Kiko de la Rica'. Set in 1920s - A popular and rich bullfighter Antonio (Daniel) is watched by his pregnant wife in a fully-crowded arena, as he is run over by the bull due to some accident. Both Antonio and his wife fight for their lives at the hospital - his wife dies giving birth to his daughter as he becomes permanently crippled. Encarna (Maribel) a devilish nurse at hospital has set her eyes on popularly rich bullfighter - taking advantage of Antonio's refusal to see his newly born daughter, she proceeds to marry him and take over his estate. Carmen grows up under harsh treatment by his stepmother who has forced on her to live in shabby cellar - she is forbidden to go next-level story of the house where her father resides whom she has never seen in until her teenage years. Encarna has been keeping her husband in torment condition, while she herself engages in kinky show with her new boyfriend. One day she asks her boyfriend to take Carmen in woods and kill her - from where Carmen is picked up by bullfighting dwarves who save her. It was charming and attractive when I played this movie. The Artist cheated us by containing spoken dialogues somewhere, but in case of Blancanieves we have been sincerely served by classic touch of cinematography and editing. I reckon had there been no 'The Artist' this movie should have all the opportunities of winning or receiving Oscar nomination. There is significant level of emotion in this story - it does wet your eyes. Garnering of plenty of dark-humor in it. For sometime I have been thinking that how could I have missed it for so long - I just envy those who are going to suck it up on the first come first serve basis. Berger's inspiration for making this film came by watching bullfighting dwarves (Espaa Oculta) - over the next few years he put it on himself to raising enough money through funds to bring his concept on silver-screen. Berger has also disclosed his frustration in his interviews over how he got pissed off at the release of Oscar-winning 'The Artist'. He simply regards this piece of art as his 'love letter to European silent cinema' NOTE: The title of the film on RT carries 2012 - however the theater-release of the film was March 29, 2013

Christian A (ag) wrote: It started with so much promise and a stand out cast ... but too many 80's film moments cause this movie to get a failing grade.

Private U (ru) wrote: A little disappointed that it was mostly animated, even though the visuals were great.. i like real animals. Still very cool though - Tilosaurus = awesome. the narrative style plot line was a little weird for me though.

Danny R (br) wrote: An accident at a lab turns an ordinary beagle into a crime fighting machine in this family remake that is sure to entertain.

Catherine N (us) wrote: A glimpse of Moroccan Paris via teens with too much time on their hands and a young girl with a keen, open mind. A sexual yet sad tale of love and youthful aspirations.

Cassie H (de) wrote: Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger star in this adorable rom com about love. Barbara Novak aka Nancy Wilson (Zellweger) is a novelist, who has just written a new book, Down With Love. A book about how women no longer need to fall in love but are free to let men fall in love with them basically. Catcher Block (McGregor), lives the same, but a little bit different sort of life. He's a ladies man, a mans man, a man about town. A man who women fall in love with every day, because Catcher Block charms each & every one of them. All the while, his friend, Peter MacManus (David Hyde Pierce), helps him while also trying to date Barbara's editer, Vikki Heller (Sarah Paulson). In the end, Barbara realizes that she needs to change her state her mind and perhaps, perhaps, Catcher Block may be more than meets the eye. A truly, truly, truly dazzling film. One that will leave you with the feeling that its never to late to fall in love. Great acting from incredible cast. Rachel Dratch as Gladys, was definitely an adorable character because she's so adorable. Renee & Ewan were just extraordinary and equally wonderful in this movie that you'll have to see to believe and you should too! (: (: (: (: (:

Sam D (it) wrote: the cover looks amazing

Vincent W (nl) wrote: 0 cares given about any character in this. Dull plot, dull script, generic music. The GOOD thing about this film is that the animation was groundbreaking in 2001. Still, groundbreaking doth not a good movie make.I'm sorry this just wasn't very good :(

Jen M (de) wrote: Great Michael J. Fox movie should have easily been PG-13. Ages 12+

Modi M (it) wrote: If only it had a sensible ending. . .

Ross M (gb) wrote: Entertaining first half but it loses it's way badly after that. Compared to other films of its time like Badlands and Bonnie and Clyde this fares poorly.

Cort J (ru) wrote: Cast tries hard especially Waltz ...but it feels like a mid 80s tv movie with a semi-funny ending