Bigfoot Wars

Bigfoot Wars

After the sheriff of the small town of Boggy Creek receives reports of attacks from a vicious beast bearing resemblance to the legendary Sasquatch, he enlists the help of an expert survivalist (The Outsider's C. Thomas Howell) and sets out to hunt down the creature. However, as they wander into the wilderness they discover that an entire tribe of Sasquatches awaits them. Now the enraged creatures descend from the hills and into the town to declare war upon its citizens.

A small town becomes the focal point of a brutal clash between man and a legendary beast. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bigfoot Wars torrent reviews

Anuj S (ru) wrote: Gritty psychological thriller that enthralled me

Alburt D (nl) wrote: fantastic movie for its genre.

Phantasm G (fr) wrote: Way too run-of-the-mill to even attempt to stand on it's own...I feel like I have seen this movie about a million other times, it was just called something else.

Tashia G (es) wrote: AMAZING! This movie really shows just why we need more than abstinence based sex and forever. Plus it's beautifully acted, hilarious and well written.

Rajhaun J (es) wrote: Big fan of this movie. No one realizes it exists but maybe now some people may be turned on to it and see it a little better than the new one.

Shane J (de) wrote: not anything special but I decent thriller from al pachino from the late 80's. the twist is pretty obvious just from the casting of certain roles which was a shame.

Kenneth G (fr) wrote: Forgot "Star Wars" here's LA in 1988, content entertaining but action scenes not from another World. (PS They had homeless people back then too!)

WS W (nl) wrote: Most probably I have been feeding on regular Cinema, (shamefully) I still feel awkward for actors' emotionless, robot-like performance & dialogue-speaking even though realizing which were Robert Bresson's prominent "actor-model" trademark. Nevertheless, rich film languages in [Lancelot du Lac] can be regarded as teaching materials for film-making, or viewing- at least. The debut acting piece by the late, pretty French film producer Humbert Balsan (as Gauvain).

Bag L (br) wrote: Even Hepburn called this a dog!

Benjamin W (br) wrote: An interesting psychological horror/thriller, if it wasn't just a bit of a knock-off of "The Sixth Sense".

Ben T (es) wrote: A really fun muppets movie that is fun, cute, and silly at the same time. If you like the muppets then you should definitely see this movie.