Bigger Than the Sky

Bigger Than the Sky

After being dumped by his girlfriend, a man stuck in a deadend life decides to audition for a small role in a local community theatre's production of Cyrano de Bergerac. Despite having no experience as an actor, he lands the lead role, which wreaks havoc upon his life.

After being dumped by his girlfriend, a man stuck in a deadend life decides to audition for a small role in a local community theatre's production of Cyrano de Bergerac. Despite having no ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fabian J (it) wrote: For fourteen rounds the unpleasant Duran continues to be unpleasant in the fifteenth round he becomes quite pleasant. De-Niro is pleasant for all 15 rounds as is Sugar Ray in this paint by numbers production. Who knew that it was because he ate too much that he retired in the second fight with Leonard? Suffering horribly from lack of context this rags to riches cliche fails to engage on any level, although somewhere in there, there might have been an interesting story.

Barry T (de) wrote: I really like the director Greg Akari and this is the same as his usual films. Bordering on an arthouse film trying to be mainstream. Thats not a bad thing at all and this is a tale of a adolscent girl looking for answers as to why he mum abandoned her. Great cast. Eva Green is always amazing and Woodly is a great young actress.

Celia B (kr) wrote: Entertaining indie horror/comedy with lots of laughs in the vein of 'Scary Movie'...but I do love Gary Cole in just about anything. Worth the watch.

bill s (nl) wrote: No frills story telling while each actor hit their notes each and every time.Some movies just fly and leaves one thinking this is why I watch movies.Must watch little indie.

Susan G (ag) wrote: I recently saw some of Artemisia Gentileschi's paintings in DC, and so wanted to see this film. If you know her backstory, you'll know she was a very accomplished artist who was raped by her teacher, whom her father successfully brought to trial. Surprisingly, the film interprets the rape as consensual sexplay that leads to an illicit affair, and has the dad (rather than Gentileschi herself) bringing charges against the teacher. I'll reserve judgment until after I read more about her life. Until then, the "is it romance or is it rape" question gives the film an uneasy (as in queasy) edge. Good acting - I especially liked the dad's heartbreaking scene and cry of "Lache!!!!" when he discovers the truth. There's a fair bit of nudity, and great costumes. A few hackneyed film tricks here and there.

Simon P (us) wrote: Frank Henenlotter knows how to make a bad horror movie - this is absolute class! '80s vintage.

Jared M (jp) wrote: 8 films to die for. It's safe for relations "Silent Hill"

Trent R (us) wrote: If you are ever forced to pull one last job, do not let Tim Carey stay back to watch over your wife.

Richard L (de) wrote: Pretty terrible for the classic title and claims of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The actual transition between Jekyll and Hyde that is meant to kill Lanyon was absolutely disappointing. Not to mention Hyde wasn't horrifying at all, just looking like a man with sleepless nights. And most of the movie surrounded the court case and he tore up the envelope. Utterly disappointed, not to mention Utterson being replaced by a girl.

Guus V (ag) wrote: A bland, post-matrix-cgi stuntdoubles and batflecks first batman impresion. Yeah, this movie is pretty bad. I won't lie: the first 15 minutes were actually fine. But the rest is bad: from overtop acting to bad cgi. Don't watch this movie. Please, thank you

Joseph F (mx) wrote: Spike Lee at his finest here. My one gripe is the time; it's a little too long and could've been cut. However, the one-on-one scene concluding 'He Got Game' ranks up there with the best in the business.