Biker Dreams

Biker Dreams

A documentary about the people who ride their motorcycles around America. Filmed during the 1996 annual biker run held at Sturgis, South Dakota, it takes a close look at some of the ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

A documentary about the people who ride their motorcycles around America. Filmed during the 1996 annual biker run held at Sturgis, South Dakota, it takes a close look at some of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katie G (ag) wrote: UGH! What a horrible waste of time watching so-called actors swear their way through a poorly written script with half-assed directing. Low budget and it shows. Don't bother. Even their poor attempts at SFX were laughable.

Shelby B (ca) wrote: Love this movie It's got sorta of a bittersweet Plot to it, It's a very inspiring movie,The acting is great, and the movie is very realistic!

MF J (nl) wrote: Excellent film from talented director Tony Gatlif. The story is heartbreaking & still it's really beautifully shot and far from being done in a sad way or even melodramatic! Instead Gatlif has decided to show us that beyong the fences you can never really lock freedom, hope & love of life! This is a really well done film, i really advise anyone who's a bit curious about the Gypsies to have a look at it!

David S (us) wrote: An okay movie that seems to steal bits and pieces from a bunch of other movies. Assassin Virginia Wolf was absolutely AWESOME and was definitely the star of the show. The Irishman was great too, at least for the 5 minutes or so that he's in the movie. The two young men were often very annoying and the film could have done without them, despite that they were rather large parts (if not the stars) of the movie. The violence was very good (especially from the aforementioned Virginia Wolf), but the film tried to be too creative and cute at times, which really detracted from the story. And for any D.L. Hughley fans, his is one of the strangest roles that any man or woman could ever dream up. It's funny, but just oh so strange.

James B (us) wrote: I wanted to like this movie, but found that it was just too long for the story. It felt like the movie was about 20-30 minutes too long to be honest. There were some moments where it was difficult for me to tell if we were watching the story as it was unfolding, or if we were in "flashback" mode.

Akin U (us) wrote: Wonderful movie.. extraordinary performances from Stamp & Redgrave.. Gemma Arterton is spectacular in this one..

Jamie S (es) wrote: "We've become blind to what's important in our lives. We've lost sight of the true message of Christmas." -SpurlockMy take: the film itself makes serious sense, but it lacks depth. Nevertheless, it makes you think, even a little, and even a little matters.

Naeem L (fr) wrote: Entertaining but can be a little slow at times.

Lee M (gb) wrote: The Canadian-made Blizzard is a patently unbearable Christmas movie.

Fredy G (us) wrote: Esse filme relata uma estria de fundamentalismo e de destino, e como ns podemos mudar nossas vidas se queremos realmente. Gostei de mais das ceas muito eloquentes... Tem uma sensibilidade extrema. Alem disso, o filme retrata a vida do nordeste de uma maneira muito fiel, no podia se esperar menos do Waltinho... Nota 10!

Janni F (it) wrote: This musical makes me happy. I'm not the biggest fan of Ado Annie's voice in this movie though...

David D (es) wrote: The "artfulness" seems pretty directionless

bill s (au) wrote: Hackman versus Washington for the whole shabang.....sign me up again.

Luke R (kr) wrote: Not as fun as the other two, but it definitely has the dumbest characters, which is enjoyable.

pete 1 (nl) wrote: such an excellent action/karate film ,lots of action & pretty decent fight scenesthey should do a sequel with jade & kar

Kevin M W (br) wrote: The buddy cop dramedy revisited and made relatable by the spot on performances on it's lead players. The plot setup is somewhat far fetched but its nada but a thrill rise after all. And while not Hope and Crosby, the banter often is not too far from them either.

Lindsay R (ag) wrote: This is one film that I think is entirely overrated, but that all depends on your perspective in the horror genre. The acting is what truly sets this film together in an unsettling way, which I think is a very unique turn rather than the Babadook himself.

Consuelo Q (de) wrote: Not at all what I expected. The trailer made it look like a comedy. It was serious and depressing, with two slightly funny parts. I was feeling sad for Otto and everything that was happening to him. The ending was not the greatest. Just another left open for each viewers interpretation.