Bikers Kental

Bikers Kental

Bikers Kental is a comic tale of a man named Bidin Al Zaifa who embarks on a road-trip to Thailand with a biker gang, without any idea of what he is in for. A superbike enthusiast, Bidin manages to buy his dream bike after stumbling across a bag of money in a dead man’s car. He is allowed into the biker gang that he had been trying so hard to impress, and joins them on a biker-trio to a famous motorcycling event in Thailand

Bikers Kental is a comic tale of a man named Bidin Al Zaifa who embarks on a road-trip to Thailand with a biker gang, without any idea of what he is in for. A superbike enthusiast, Bidin ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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