Bikini Hoe-Down

Bikini Hoe-Down

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The Three Seasons Bikini Team (April, May & June) leave on a cross-country tour, but June sabotages the trip. They and the photographer end up in Pig Hollow, where Missy Sue is desperately ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn P (it) wrote: A group of people flying home from New York City get in a plane crash, the remaining survivors are hurt and wondering around in the dark, there are "animals" or "dinosaurs" on government property, in a special "section" where the plane goes down. It was a decent movie.Suspensful and dark. At times the camera goes a bit wonky because one of the girls is filming the movie with a hand held camera the entire time Blair Witch style.

Casey P (kr) wrote: more for kids, prolly wont watch again...but great cinemetography

Andrew B (nl) wrote: Looking through the movies that I like, Get On The Bus is probably not a title you would think to find on a list of movies that I really like. Not only did I really enjoy this movie as a drama with what I found to be good writing along with good very authentic acting but I felt like a came away learning something. Maybe learning is not the best word, but came away with a better understanding of what the movie touched on. I am from Philadelphia I walk the same streets and breathe the same air everyday with African American men. I am friendly with just about everyone I come across, only being somewhat close to a few in my life though. I felt like a gained some knowledge and a better understanding in my eyes of in my opinion a somewhat misunderstood group of people in American society. A group full of black men on their way to the million man march? How could a movie about this be interesting at all without being overly preachy and "pro black." Well put what you feel like you may think about this movie aside and give it a chance, and you just may enjoy it like me. You get all aspects on this bus trip. From a distant father who is trying to teach his son some culture and history, but with a twist he has his son handcuffed to him because he is a criminal. The old school guys in the back of the bus who like to reminisce about the old day sand sing old tunes acapella, and overall want to have a good time. Then you also have the reformed gangbanger who has tried to turn his life around, there are many layers to this drama. It is interesting what these men come to argue about, and how relationships and bonds are made and broken on this journey to the march. But regardless of their differences it is a story of brotherhood and unityin the face of adversity.

Noe C (kr) wrote: Un super film qubcois! ?a fait du bien.

Tyson P (ag) wrote: you have to give jet li credit because even though he uses many wire stunts his choreography is still mesmerizing. jackie Chan and Tony Jaa impress us with their acrobatics and wire free martial arts so jet li is is somewhat of a fresh look at martial arts movies. switches up the formula a bit. Fearless is loaded with action and has a somewhat thoughtful story to boot.

James C (ag) wrote: Very Poor Film if judged from a technical and story viewpoint. However because it appealed to me in its utter boneheadedness I give it three stars from a personal opinion

Salah A (nl) wrote: The film suffers from awkward drama and some forgettable characters.

John O (it) wrote: A low key western with a lot of heart. Heston is always cool and here he's supported by a pretty strong cast.

Emma C (gb) wrote: All time best movie IMO !!! So fun.

Kyle M (es) wrote: With its Transformers-like effects and spirited tone with a little G.I. Joe blending in on those battleships, it's another treat based on a Hasbro product line that's bigger than G.I. Joe and at the same level of the Transformers trilogy, with a respect of the war genre. (A)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Schwindsichtiga Y (br) wrote: A must see for film students evereywhere! Let me rephrase that: A must see for everyone everywhere! I do not say this lightly, but this movie is as close to perfection as it gets. The script is very intelligent and sets up a deep dilemma that I did not completely understand until the very end of the movie. What a great payoff! The cinematography and direction are exemplary of what a visual medium is all about, and making not only a silent movie but shooting it in black and white was a daring and the right call in 2011. The cast is adorable, every character highly memorable and the performances are convincing and moving all the way. One of the best movies I've ever seen.

Joo Miguel R (it) wrote: Freaks of Nature it's Humans vs Zombies vs Vampires vs Aliens mixed up in a teen adult movie spiced with comedy horror. And in some parts the mix results and you can have a good time with it.. in others parts is plain boring and stupid. Just for the curious.