Bikini Party Massacre

Bikini Party Massacre

Your Wildest Fantasy Will Become Your Worst Nightmare

6 teenagers go traveling in the woods, to have a crazy private party. They don't know they are followed by a psychopath. Slowly the party is turning in to a blood bath, when the killer slaughters them all one by one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (nl) wrote: This would have been so much better had its fight scenes not been heavily edited to the point of motion sickness and didn't look like they were actually swinging over the heads of the other fighter. and more and better character building. just doesn't fall into great martial arts movie category for me.

Borhan K (it) wrote: California Solo is about a Scottish man that is pulled over one night for drunk driving and due to this little incident actions for his deportation start happening and he tries to fight tooth and nail to stay in the USA even goes as far a getting his ex and his daughter involved. THe story is touching etc and shows that immigrants are not just the arabs or the asians it can also be white folk.The reviews say that Robert Carlyle you may know him better for his role in "The Full Monty"He plays well but i have seen better performances.Nice story would be better in novel form.This does not have anything that would effect children but the subject matter could be found to be boring for young minds.

Mohammed A (gb) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Lovro H (it) wrote: I'm gonna be honest. I only saw this movie because of the main actor, Misha Collins. I love him in Supernatural and wanted to see at least one of his movies. This movie is really ridiculous. Like, it's really silly and hard to believe anything that happens in it. The story is interesting, though sometimes it can go too far with the science stuff and it might leave you confused for a while. But, most of the plot-relevant stuff is understandable. The characters are okay, some are likeable, some are not at all. They're mostly black and white (not racially, but personality-wise), no deep characterisation. You can tell that the CGI is cheap, but it doesn't ruin the movie, if anything, it helps it. The acting is really good for this kind of a low-budget sci-fi flick. All in all, a good movie with a noticeable low-budget and a really silly story, but entertaining and interesting at the same time. Would recommend if you're not looking for a very serious sci-fi movie!

Carlos M (jp) wrote: A delightful, sweet and sensitive coming-of-age story directed by Greg Motolla, who also made the incredibly hilarious Superbad, and it has a nostalgic soundtrack and some very good performances, especially by an always great and charismatic Jesse Eisenberg.

Maria A (ag) wrote: Not a bad film by any means but it can be summed up in one word; quaint. The movie rides on the likability of Poehler and Fey so if you're fans you'll like the movie just fine if you're looking for something happy and comedic to pass the time (but not laugh out loud hilarious). Other than the leading ladies this movie does not have much to offer, but with people like Poehler and Fey on screen that may not matter to you.

Michael S (au) wrote: This thought-provoking documentary not only dives into the history and aesthetics of Helvetica, but also forces you to look at your surroundings and notice the impact typefaces have on communicating to society.

Lisa Michelle A (nl) wrote: "YAWN" What does the above tell you about this film???

Nelson P (ru) wrote: Although the premise of the film is pretty silly, it is still a Disney classic that gives us some of Rick Moranis' best work!

Chad D (fr) wrote: Nothing in the world could save this cult classic. Ed Wood's style is apparent throughout with plenty of obvious miscues noticeable.

T V (br) wrote: Fantastic, I saw this in conjunction wtih Hitchcocks "Suspicion" and I thought this was much better. Up until the first car 'fall it seemed like an okay film, but after i was riveted. Loved the ending, not what you expect, reminds me of Vertigo in a way, Jeans Simmons was excellent

Kenneth L (mx) wrote: The power of invisibility should not be taken lightly neither for the power it gives over others but the effect that it has on the invisible themselves.

Antonio P (jp) wrote: Second best movie about mosquitos I've ever seen(Skeeters would be #1) Wait, is this the one where they blow up that house at the end and some guy saved himself by jumping in a fridge just in time? because if it is it's awesome. You won't be dissapointed.