Bikkar Bai Sentimental

Bikkar Bai Sentimental

The tale of a rebellious musician.

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Fred V (br) wrote: This low-budget, completely unknown roadmovie really did not need to even be made, because it hardly makes a point worth telling, which is to party hard and act crazy. That's it. Furthermore, it's completely low budget with all the low-quality footage that unfortunately entails, an inexperienced film director that likes to hold the camera completely still (which is sort of boring), a plot that really doesn't make any sense and a weird roadtrip that leads nowhere. Funny enough, only at the end of the movie they are actually going somewhere, but then the movie ends. I just don't get that. Is it the journey that matters? Apparently... Still, this movie is mega awesome, and I tell you why! First of all, movies about nothing don't need to be bad. Life is mostly about nothing anyway and let's face it: most movies aiming for a point are just as likely to fail. Secondly, this movie gives completely unknown actors a change to shine. Thats often doesn't bring anything. Actually, most of the actors in this movie aren't great. The performances of both Dan, Mark and Hugh are, and I'm being somewhat nice here, mediocre: they did okay, but are a long, long way of being A-actors. Actually, they are C actors, tops. However, Rick, played by Jeff Koen, is freaking AWESOME!!! He totally safes the whole movie and than some... My lord, does he play the role of his life! Jeff Koen plays this totally disgusting guy in a believable, funny and outragious way, an absolutely impressive performance. Too bad the other actors couldn't give him good counter acting, but he didn't even need that: he just did it all by himself. Rick is hands down th most disgusting yet loveable character in years and I enjoyed his one-man-show to death. He's for sure an A-actor and I'll think we'll be hearing from him in a few months or years time: a talent like that can't stay undiscovered. He should get the lead in a main hollywood movie for sure, he'll rock it. Gunther, another important side-character in this movie, wasn't too bad either, I would say a B-actor with A-actor potential. He played a very convincing dark weirdo as well. Props to this movie: it's made with love, dedication and some professionalism! It's really worth seeing.

Kristen P (de) wrote: I've never seen anything like this film, and Tilda Swinton is amazing.

Nicole O (au) wrote: Alamar is one of the most beautiful films/documentaries? I have seen. There is no script, and these are not actors. The director follows the lives of a grandfather, son, and grandson for a summer in their native home, the Yucatan. The generational bond, and the bond they have as fishermen with the ocean is fascinating to watch. The catch is that Natan, the grandson, will return at the end of the season to Italy where his mother lives.

Jacob P (ag) wrote: thats wat makes it good rtansformers is about blowing shit up!!!

ken j (fr) wrote: This sequel to for some a little known movie called *Screamers* follows the story of a group of humans sent on a rescue mission after a signal is sent out from Sirius 6-B a planet long since believed to be deserted since the first batch of screamers were destroyed once there they find themselves face to face with a group of people trying hard to stay alive over the years but what they also find themselves face to face with is a new threat it seems the screamers have now adapted into human form. For fans of the orignal i dont believe this can be a let down it has all the elements of the first gore action and that B movie feel for others its not good or bad just lands somewhere right in the middle.

Michelle R (mx) wrote: That's the worst roll I've seen Jason Patric play.

Mitch C (es) wrote: Great movie, good writing and good directing. Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. are fucking fantastic in this movie. Also pretty underrated.

Paul T (ag) wrote: The absolute best. Could watch it again and again.

David R (jp) wrote: What is happening to me!!?!!

lisa s (mx) wrote: classic mad mel film they dont make them like this anymore

Timothy S (fr) wrote: The very talented Kay Lenz is adorable and sweet and William Holden gives a great performance late in his career in this somewhat forgotten early directorial effort from Clint Eastwood. It's almost like a lighter-hearted, gender-reversed response to Harold and Maude, but by no means a copycat film. It's one of the better films I've seen about a May-December romance, though not perfect by any means. There's a nice Hitchcockian cameo from Eastwood himself in the scene by the lighthouse, and the date to go see High Plains Drifter (which Eastwood also directed in the same year) was a nice, if not unlikely, touch.

Ben J (ag) wrote: One of my favorites of all time. So raw and relentless.

Everett W (br) wrote: Psycho with a flame thrower, a tense dark film excellently acted. This was on the Video Nasties banned list and it's certainly nasty but surprisingly well made.

Matt C (fr) wrote: Functional coming of age story, probably not really funny enough but at times it is touching. I do feel like I'll have forgotten it in a week mind you.

jacob c (es) wrote: Schwarzenegger and Cameron make a great team! Terminator was awesome and so was this. A fun time to watch and enjoy.