Bildnis einer Trinkerin. Aller jamais retour

Bildnis einer Trinkerin. Aller jamais retour


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:feminism,   alcohol,  

A sartorially resplendent woman arrives in Berlin with plans to live out the rest of her days as a drunkard in this experimental film. The film provides the viewer with a tour of the city and some of the more colorful characters, but the appeal may be limited to those who are mavens of the experimental style. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bildnis einer Trinkerin. Aller jamais retour torrent reviews

Luciano G (es) wrote: The story does get a bit heady at times, and may seem confusing as to the true nature of this chilling tale so be aware.... some moments do loose momentum as far as thrills and intensity, but those moments don't last long. Most of the story stays dark and edgy.. I enjoyed the fact that "Lost Time" starts as one kind of alien-esque story but then evolves into something different and far more sinister.... the ending is a bit confusing and seems to reach for that final conclusion, but it is creative...

Allen G (nl) wrote: Sure, Herzog makes a glaring mistake here with his clear idealisation of the Siberian hunters', often less-than-happy looking lives, but he still brings us to this far-away place and captures the beauty of it all. Things probably aren't as simple as Herzog's portrayal here suggests he wants them to be but surely there's nothing wrong with a filmmaker getting lost in what they too want us to lose ourselves in? Of course, this documentary isn't just your usual bread and butter- It's a Werner Herzog movie and so there's bound to be some irony in the 'Happy People' and sure enough there is- we have alcoholism, risk, loss and death but Herzog isn't exactly wrong to call these people happy- they certainly seem content, complete and, though there's no big smiles going around here maybe in comparison to you and me these people are happy. Maybe it's their connection with the land that allows for this to be the case or maybe it's how normal their lives seem in such a remote and extreme world. It might even be because they are hardened in a way that we are not- they've come to terms with the less-pleasant aspects of nature, in fact, they benefit from these aspects. Whatever the reason, this film provides us with several possibilities. Sure, there is something behind the surface here and it is strange for Herzog not to delve right into it but we know it is there, it is alluded to and since this is called 'Happy People' maybe jumping right into it wouldn't have been the best way to give the audience what they were promised. Herzog's unusual, run-of-the-mill fascination rather than penetration of the culture and its people aside, we once again have some beautiful moments here from the great nature scenes, interesting interviews or the admirable finds that Herzog seems to always capture regardless of where in the world he is. In this film the scene where the politician turns into a karaoke-singer to try and win over the remote indigenous people is truly memorable and ensures that this is every bit as full of heart as a Herzog documentary should be. A big part of this film is man's relationship with his best friend (no, not his penis- his dog of course!) and so it is worth checking out for that alone if you're after an alternative to Marley & Me and those other films that piss me off. It also sticks to the topic at hand and delivers, a pretty robust, description of day-to-day life there. Length-wise it feels fine and it feels like it'd be accessible to people not already familiar with Herzog's work. It really is a shame though that he didn't take off the rose-tinted glasses for a second and go back to his beautifully depressing old self. Ah well, win some, lose some.

Greg R (ag) wrote: While this movie can feel slow at times, The Straight Story is another David Lynch masterpiece. However the strange thing is not the fact this is different from his other films, but the guy that made the Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive. and Eraserhead would make a story that is not very surreal but more faithful to amazing things and warm emotions that a human can have, as it is based on a real story.

Deidra R (ca) wrote: Didn't quite get some parts. The storyline kind of got off track here and there. If you are a banker, you would understand it the best though!!!

Karolina R (br) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Martin S (br) wrote: McTiernan does what he does best, simple twists that feel earth-shattering, with actors that you love. An easy watch with chemistries you want to be part of.

David H (it) wrote: It seems like such a normal light romantic comedy, yet it's just so good. Sammi and Andy have good chemistry between them and prove it throughout the entire film. I've watched this at least 10 times...

Trevor W (nl) wrote: A well-acted film with well-written dialogue, "Living in Oblivion" drives the theme of how hard filmmaking is into the ground. Although true, the point is made in the first part of the film, and the other two parts are just repetitive. All three parts are fun in their own rights, but they do not meld together as well as they should. It should have stayed a short film.

Adam R (gb) wrote: (First viewing - In my early twenties)

Mark A (au) wrote: Full Metal jacket was much better than any other war film in my opinion because of the movie being half war, half boot camp. The boot camp really gave the audience a chance to get to know the characters and it didn't feel as though it was just constant shooting like other war movies do.

Eric H (ru) wrote: This is a surprisingly good collection of some of the best moments in terror, horror and suspense from the early days of film right up until this film was produced. The effective use of Donald Pleasence [famous for Halloween] and Nancy Allen [Dressed to Kill] as hosts, sitting in a darkened theater, is aided by a seamlessly edited grouping of clips by Greg McClatchy and supported by a very expensive sounding and well composed score by John Beal. Don't miss this!

Julie B (ca) wrote: Everything about this movie is awful except for Tomlin acting

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