Bill Bellamy: Crazy Sexy Dirty

Bill Bellamy: Crazy Sexy Dirty

Filmed live in Los Angeles, Bellamy gives a terrific performance, engaging the audience on such topics as sex chat rooms, killer whales and their trainers,nJay-Z and Beyonce, making it rain in strip clubs and more.

Comedian, actor and most importantly, the man who coined the phrase "booty call," Bill Bellamy is back with his brand new stand-up event. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian Z (ru) wrote: It's nice to see a romantic comedy with leading actors that are good because they are naturally charming and likable, rather than big box office draws. Fisher and Messina do have good chemistry as two people who find each other while their career prospects are in dire straits, a premise that lends the story relevance and appeal in modern times, although it does get carried away on plot contrivances, as romantic comedies often do.

Alastair G (kr) wrote: Cheesy, full of politically correct Jewish/muslims stereotypes.

Dorianator F (kr) wrote: Fantastic movie with great acting and a very thought provoking image of love and lust. Very interesting movie. I loved it

Hannah L (ca) wrote: It was good. I love Brandon but, the girl was kinda annoying.

Eric K (gb) wrote: The Story: A religious society known as "Unity" commits a mass suicide in the 70's. Thirteen years later the soul survivor awakens to realize her worst nightmares have been waiting.Cynthia (Jennifer Rubin, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) had 13 years of peace and security. Sadly, these years took place while she was in a coma. When she awakens from her long lapse, she is at loss with the world; and simply is not ready for the 80's. She finds herself in a mental hospital with an extremely vivid group of crazies. Quickly, Cynthia tries to convince Dr. Alex Karmen (Bruce Abbott, Re-Animator) that she doesn't belong there. But he feels letting her problems be heard during group sessions will help her prepare from a fresh start. Sorry to say, it doesn't take long for Harris (Richard Lynch, Invasion U.S.A.), the sadistic organizer of "Unity" to come for Cynthia; and take her to a new light after death.Now first off, yes. Bad Dreams is a bite off of another horror film called A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors; but this is actually a movie that takes from others and succeeds, if not surpasses in creativity. The opening shot is purely an introduction of the cult itself and the suicide. Both aspects will haunt Cynthia for the duration of the film. Harris returns to her for one simple motive, because she survived. He wants her to join them in eternal bliss by killing herself. As long as she refuses to rejoin with "Unity", a mental patient from the hospital will take her place in perfect harmony.This was the first film director Andrew Fleming (The Craft) tagged under his belt; and the movie has many interesting shots to offer. Flashbacks and old video documentation of the "Unity" cult are shown brilliantly, leaping back and forth from close ups of Harris' face to his brainwashed followers. The flashbacks of him are mixed into video footage of interviews with the sect. Harris' supporters are realistically disturbing casting an emotionless glare in their eyes and so convinced that all they feel is love.The flashbacks that Cynthia has to undergo are the most unsettling. While in the middle of a group discussion at the hospital (Cynthia, Dr. Karmen and the crazies) she is whisked away back to the cult house, the day of the tragic event. She lives the nightmare twice. All of the group members surround the room doused in gasoline waiting for death. Anticipating what is past the dominion of life as the flames begin to spread over the carpet and hardwood floor. Then the fire attacks. Lovers clench one another as they burn. A father and his 2 sons hold each other tight as they melt away. Some are screaming in torture, others are crawling across the floor still believing they are headed some place special. In the center of all the carnage stands Harris in flames, taunting Cynthia to come with them. This is one of the most grisly scenes of Bad Dreams, and also one of the best.Between the years 1987 and '88, actress Jennifer Rubin couldn't seem to stay away from mental hospitals, nor could she get rid of homicidal maniacs with a massive burn scab for a body. First, she did Elm Street 3 then this gem. She's no stranger to the horror genre, yet her performance ends up being only decent. Cynthia's character comes off a little hazy; a deeper perception of unstableness with herself, as well as things around her should've been realized. Overall, Rubin does enough to get the job done, she just doesn't stand out. Bruce Abbott plays Dr. Alex Karmen, and you can bet his degree didn't come from Miskatonic Medical School. He grows a closer attachment to Cynthia than the rest of his patients; because he knows deep down she doesn't belong there. Abbott, like Rubin does a well enough job to keep the story sturdy; but nothing to write home about.Richard Lynch almost always plays the villain in films, and he has the ability to do so effectively. Harris is still a different role for him, though. He manages to pull off being evil and menacing with a touch of passive serenity in unison. His appearance also comes in two flavors, regular or burnt to a crisp. That's right, Cynthia is haunted by visions of Harris in before and after the fire aspects. Lynch stands out here, and his significance in the role is one reason the movie succeeds. Dean Cameron (Summer School) plays Ralph, the most intriguing of all the patients. He is blatantly honest, and extremely on edge. When his tension builds he cuts a whole in his body to release his anger in order to calm down. Anytime Cameron is on screen in Bad Dreams, he steals the show completely. This character alone gives the film a truly uneasy mood.The makeup FX are handled by Michele Burke (Terror Train, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Interview with the Vampire), and some fairly gory suicide style deaths are presented. The greatest achievement is the makeup job on Richard Lynch, though. Harris makes Freddy Kruger look like a pretty face. He is totally barbecued from head to toe. It's the little additions that throw this film to the top of the gross-out scale, though. His right ear hangs off of his head by a tiny thread of skin, teeth are burnt brown around the edges, and one of his eyes blinded white. Scorched skin all over his face and skull is slightly peeled and curves up off of him, like burning newspaper curls around wood in a fireplace. This character is no joke, and Burke did a fantastic job at making him horrendous as possible.Somehow, Bad Dreams manages to be fairly unique, despite its similarities to Elm Street 3. Ultimately, it ends up being all together different, and pretty refreshing. This film sadly never had a chance surfacing in the late 80's when the iconic 3 (Jason Freddy and Michael) had taken over the genre, for the time being. After not even cracking $10 million in its theatrical run, it became a totally forgotten film. However, it is now available on DVD and well worth a purchase or rental, check it out!

Wayne N (mx) wrote: In the best tradition of British creepy horror, excellent!

lintang m (ru) wrote: much much simpler than the rest from Antonioni..