Bill Burr: You People Are All the Same.

Bill Burr: You People Are All the Same.

Comic Bill Burr's 2012 comedy special.

Taking the stage in Washington, D.C., funnyman Bill Burr brings his stinging brand of humor to the spotlight, uncorking a profanity-laced, incisive routine that pokes fun at plastic surgery, reality TV, gold diggers and more. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bill Burr: You People Are All the Same. torrent reviews

Qi Z (nl) wrote: "Life or fiction, you choose!" That is the battle cry of this four layers of fiction, each layer worse than the other. It is exceptional in its inanity and vapidity, and excessive sentimentality. Why would Jeremy Iron in this at all? What a waste of his talent. It is a low, low sentimental, self-congratulating of the "literary" types. I

Marc L (it) wrote: Avec sa camra tremblotante, ses acteurs qui improvisent et son originalit, "Humpday" tiendrait presque de la caricature de film indie amricain. Pour bien cerner le contexte, il faut savoir que le Hump est un festival de porno amateur de Seattle, dans lequel les productions des participants sont visionnes un seule fois et ensuite le scnario brode partir de deux potes qui dcident de tourner un de ces films ensemble (donc, un film gay avec des htros) suite un pari d'ivrogne. Niqueront ? Niqueront pas ? C'est tout l'enjeu de "Humpday", qui ne cherche absolument pas choquer et dont l'humour fonctionne en pilotage automatique, grce l'absurdit de la situation en tant que tel. Aucune des deux porn-stars d'un jour ne veut en effet lcher l'affaire : parce qu'ils se persuadent que c'est de l'art et que c'est cool, parce qu'ils sont convaincus d'avoir une part d'homosexualit qui leur facilitera la tche, parce qu'aucun des deux ne veut se surtout, parce que c'est peut-tre leur dernire chance de pouvoir conjurer le vertige que leur procure leur propre existence : pour l'un, cette transgression lui permettra d'accepter la vie ppre qu'il s'apprte embrasser (femmes, boulot, gosses, etc). Pour l'autre, c'est une manire d'aller au bout de quelque chose, aprs une pseudo-vie d'aventurier qui ressemble plutt une traverse du vide. Une fois de plus, derrire sa thmatique potache, "Humpday" se rsume au fond une observation des rites (tardifs) de passage l'ge adulte chez le mle occidental mal dans son slip de ce dbut de 21me sicle. Brouillon mais sincre, drle et un peu mlancolique en mme temps, "Humpday" tait peut-tre bien la baudruche de festival au gnie survalu que certains y ont dcel, mais au titre de documentaire implicite sur la psych de l'homo americanus, il ne se dbrouille pas plus mal que d'autres.

Ingela A (kr) wrote: Mark Ruffalo and Joaquin Phoenix are both excellent actors and both does a great job in this sad and emotional film. I just coulden't get drawn into the story somehow. I recommend you to see it though, even if it doesn't really leave a deep impression

Eliabeth W (gb) wrote: Kerry Washington, Anthony Mackie and Wendell Pierce did a great job on in this movie. It has been a while since a film of racism has been placed in the industry.

Phillip G (nl) wrote: I Seem to Remember that John Candy was Funnier Than This in Prior Films. A Good Premise that Lost Its Way in a Substantial Way.

Brandon W (de) wrote: Probably the best romance film I've ever seen. It's the classic 'couple meets in Europe' love story between an American boy and a French girl but this movie felt so real. I felt like I was watching real people fall in love. The acting is spectacular! Ethan Hawke is becoming one of my favourite actors and Julie Delpy is fantastic as well. You get totally entranced in the conversations these two share with each other and can relate to their struggles and their moments of happiness. I was genuinely sad at the ending. No Spoilers but if you get emotional during films, this ending might get you good. Romance has never been captured on film this good since Casablanca! (I haven't seen 'The Notebook')

Richard P (au) wrote: Paul Newman is fantastic and the direction and look of this film are top notch. Some great soliloquies as well. This one is worth a look.

Martin N (it) wrote: The quintessential film about equality and woman's rights. Controversial and ahead of it's time when it was released - not so much anymore, but perhaps because of such films and therefore an important part of film history. Based on an actual event and filmed with a lot of people that participated in the strike. Probably adds to the provenance, but I suspect it had more to do with the film-makers and the statement they wanted than anything else. The unprofessional actors, black & white picture and historic nature of the film makes this feel more like a documentary than anything else. Not a big fan of narration, but very well utilised in this film.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: 'Mad Dog' Meets a Poetic Finish--BOGART ROCKS AND A LUSCIOUS LUPINO!!


jesse k (ca) wrote: I especially like when he shoves his big pistol in the face of the two old ladies. It's hilarious. I've never been to New Orleans but I lived in Vegas for nine years and it seems somehow similar.

Hunter D (ca) wrote: Now I wish they would bring back the show or release another movie.

Ed K (jp) wrote: Slow start but gets good starting the moment the three protagonists (Ryan, Quaid and Short) start working together.

Paul D (ag) wrote: A fun revenge horror with a decent imagining of an evil twin, although they're both pretty evil in the main. Its low budget appearance adds to its cult value.