Bill Maher... But I'm Not Wrong

Bill Maher... But I'm Not Wrong

Stand up comedy special by Bill Maher.

Stand up comedy special by Bill Maher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill Maher... But I'm Not Wrong torrent reviews

James W (br) wrote: Obama, save me from your followers.

Jason M (au) wrote: Wow, this is the greatest rock documentary I have ever seen. I'm lucky to have been a lifelong Cream fan, so this is particularly special to me.Leaving fame and popularity to live amongst natives in Africa to seek out "beats" to get closer to the origins of drumming, tells you something about this character. After becoming broke and then making a few million from the Cream reunion, and then spending it all again on horses, a ranch and polo playing, tells you something about this character. Destructible. Angry. Mean. Red. Ginger.Beware Of Mr. Baker displays the real life jazz drummer syndrome. The film Whiplash is great, but it is Hollywood after all. Ginger is the real thing. It is a great documentary on arguably the greatest rock drummer, clearly underrated as such. Yes, much better than even Keith Moon and John Bonham. Watch the film and you will understand.I thank Jay Bulger for undertaking this fine project and paying Ginger Baker the tribute he deserves, given his age.

Cristiano C (br) wrote: an interesting inside view of the italian society of the last 30years, see with the eyes of someone that left italy and now you also know why!

jason a (us) wrote: Classic. Funny up in your nose little girl put into a comedy movie.

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Ryan J (fr) wrote: This is the funniest fucking movie I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

David W (gb) wrote: Cheesy Alien knock-off with ample T&A... it was a lot of fun!

Linda M (kr) wrote: I saw this ages ago and just don't remember it

J K (jp) wrote: I like a good B&W movie every now and then but not when I have NO idea who the actors and actresses are.

Chelsea M (ca) wrote: it's alright, could've been better.

Eric R (br) wrote: What a wonderfully inventive, wild comedy this film is. From the opening sequence, which is one of the wildest, insane openings of any old Hollywood film I can think, excluding 'Crime Without Passion', I knew I was in for a real treat. The film revolves around Olsen and Chic, the creators of the ultra-successful Broadway play, Hellzapoppin, who have been brought to Hollywood to make the film adaptation. Of course, the studio insists on changing everything, and madness ensues. The plot really doesn't matter that much, as the two men venture into the actual movie and cause all sorts of chaos. That being said, this is without a doubt the best "movie in a movie" type of film that I have ever seen. Its absolutely bursting at the seems with gags and it's anarchic style mixed with surrealism is just so much fun. What's that about breaking the fourth wall? Well, this film never even establishes it to begin with. Obviously there is a slight commentary on the Studios in this, but really it's just a chaotic slapstick film which I imagine is just as fun now as it was on it's initially release. My favorite segments had to be the part where the two men accidentally find themselves in the middle of a Western, or the part where they tell the kid in the audience who smells to go home. SO much fun.