Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Amiable slackers Bill and Ted are once again roped into a fantastical adventure when De Nomolos, a villain from the future, sends evil robot duplicates of the two lads to terminate and replace them. The robot doubles actually succeed in killing Bill and Ted, but the two are determined to escape the afterlife, challenging the Grim Reaper to a series of games in order to return to the land of the living.

A tyrant from the future creates evil android doubles of Bill and Ted and sends them back to eliminate the originals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Art L (kr) wrote: As a movie, it's fiction after all, it's a decent watch and makes one think.

Paul K (es) wrote: It's long, and a bit Disney. We watched it in two halves, with supper inbetween: the second half worked better than the first. I can't help thinking it must be a good book for 11-year-olds to learn something of the Great War, but it doesn't make for a good movie as the story involves too many characters and contexts. The are some excellent actors, both human and equine, but it's all a bit dismal and simultaneously inauthentic.

Carol H (fr) wrote: Not only does it feel too similar to other movies I've seen, but it's also surprisingly somber for a rom-com.

Russell S (gb) wrote: A decent detective thriller that has enough energy, twists and inventiveness to make for a fun ride. There's some inexcusably bad cgi of a car crash very early on in the movie but to be honest that's my only serious criticism.

Derek J (es) wrote: to directs lau in a rare hk firefighter movie. procedures du- ring action scenes seem realistic. however, characters defined by tv movie-of-the-week problems. that is why the roles nor film are compelling enough bordering middling.

J K (kr) wrote: If you're a history buff this is worth watching once, though might be a bit melodramatic for your tastes. It does feature the great Paul Newman and a decent supporting cast, including John Cusack and the late Natasha Richardson, but I fear a lot of what transpires in this movie was fictional, especially the romantic interludes. It seems to me they try to glamorize and sensationalize the atomic bombings of Japan. Trust me, that is something you DO NOT want to do in a film. it's embarrassing and just plain disrespectful of all that died. If there's one thing I HATE about a bad movie is if it leaves me feeling ashamed of Hollywood.

Dustin G (it) wrote: This movie is complete crap. How it ever made as much money as it did is beyond me. The jokes aren't funny, the story's ridiculous and pointless and Eastwood has never been worse. Cartoonish nazi biker bad guys, cops out to get revenge on their spare time, testosterone fuelled tough guy punch ups. Give me a break. And then we'll throw a monkey in there...why exactly? Oh that's right, for laughs. Yeah that's hilarious, the monkey knows how to give the finger. Jeepers. Eastwood has made more than a couple clunkers in his time, but this might take the cake.

Stuart K (de) wrote: the third and final Harry Palmer film, this one failed to make an impact on the box-office. But, Harry Saltzman found a brilliant director to do this one, Ken Russell!! :D Although it's not as over the top and mad as what Russell's later films were, it's certainly a better film than Funeral In Berlin, and it does feel more like a James Bond film in tone and structure. The plot is quite eccentric, but it's well made and is visually arresting. Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) is given orders by an automated phone call to take a flask of eggs to Helsinki, Finland. There, he meets an old friend, Leo Newbiggin (Karl Malden) and his squeeze Anya (Franoise Dorlac). It is there that Palmer learns of a plan to liberate Latvia from Soviet domination by mad Texas oil billionaire General Midwinter (Ed Begley) all with the aid of a huge supercomputer, known as the Billion Dollar Brain. It's well shot and Russell has fun with the big set pieces within this film, Finland in winter looks lovely, and Caine is on top form again, although the film goes a little bonkers once Midwinter comes into the fold. But, it makes a good finale to the Palmer films, (save for a couple of TV Movies in the mid 1990's), it's a pity they didn't make any more.

Bheema D (gb) wrote: Hidden in here is a really cool plot, some really cool lighting and one excellent moment of suspense. Unfortunately it's hidden inside some of the slowest writing and acting ever, making it hard to recommend to non-50s sci-fi freaks.

Zahran Z (de) wrote: FAB! love it. Classic!

Thomas T (mx) wrote: Another entry into this energetic franchise is at this rate another collision of tiresomeness.

Kevin N (ru) wrote: Not a bad movie by any stretch, this precode feature directed by George Abbott is interesting now mostly for its frankness about the dark holes involved in gambling, and the pits that human beings will go to get out of a jam. Tallulah Bankhead plays Elsa Carlyle, a married woman with a taste for the fast lane. While her husband, Jeffrey, works hard on an investment, Elsa plays and plays and plays until she is out $10,000- and the collectors want it fast. To avoid any embarrassment, she seeks the help of a wealthy but horny playboy named Hardy Livingston, played with impeccable sleaziness by Irving Pichel. But once she falls into Livingston's trap, she finds she is just one of his possessions, and gradually becomes concerned that there may be no way out. Though it isn't the wildest precode film I've seen, 'The Cheat' does have some shocking moments, particularly in a late scene where Elsa finds herself branded in a very literal way by Livingston's lust. The movie has an urgency and works a lot of the time, but it just doesn't control its drama enough to sustain even its brief running time. The plot goes thick near the very beginning, and from there the surprises run thin.

Victoria G (au) wrote: Immensely well done and engaging film for those interested in the Victorian Steam Punk theme. Great cast and excellent cinematography. Really enjoyed and hoping for more in the near future. If you can't be fair and objective in your reviews just stop being a 'review site'.