Billa 2

Billa 2

An ordinary man from the slums enters an underworld gang and becomes the most feared underworld don.

An ordinary man from the slums enters an underworld gang and becomes the most feared underworld don. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Billa 2 torrent reviews

Gretchen W (fr) wrote: I wonder if the art in making some movies is just HOW STUPID a movie a person can make?

Callum M (ag) wrote: Just a terrible film with Vinnie Jones mug on the cover because he is the most known out of the cast.

Shannon U (it) wrote: A surprisingly good movie.

Matt R (it) wrote: Excellent movie. Watch this.

Siriporn P (nl) wrote: Too long, not intense story.

Hans J E (de) wrote: Boring. Nothing ever happens in this film. If I remember correctly, this is my first rotten rating for a Winslet film.

Hein H (jp) wrote: An obviously silly, stupid and lame movie that borders on SyFy made-for-TV quality, but strikes me as knowing that it's exactly that. And it's entertaining enough and doesn't overstay whatever welcome it has by breezing right by at 80 minutes.

Derek F (es) wrote: It has some of the best action and gadgets in the series (as well as Dr. Kaufman), but is lacking in story and originality. The priority of gun fights over spying, as well as the corny dialogue, start to take hold as the signature of the Brosnan movies. It's conflicted in wanting to condemn sensationalism in a sensationalist way. Even by Bond fantasy standards, Carver's villainous plot isn't believable. Overall entertaining but average.

Steven C (it) wrote: An iconic film worthy of mentioning within the same breath as Star Wars.

Jordan B (ag) wrote: My favorite in the trilogy. The movie is made by the final "vault" scene alone.

Lloyd W (it) wrote: Funny and silly. Underrated and judged too harshly, this film and the others in this series are not masterpieces but just plain out fun.

Cylus O (es) wrote: One of the worst comedy films I have seen in quite sometime.

Andrew S (kr) wrote: Brilliant movie. Really captures one mans dream and his struggles to turn the dream into a reality. A simple yet stark awareness that the real world, society and sport are only interested in those it can use and consume for its selfish means. The slapstick sarcasm and humour gives the serious storyline the hooks to capture the attention and expose the raw heartfelt emotion of an individuals motivation to succeed against overwhelming odds to achieve his ambition as an Olympian.