Billa Ranga

Billa Ranga

Billa Ranga is action thriller based movie in which, Raviraj (Kannada Prabhakar) is a smuggler who kills people and smuggles their skulls to foreign countries.Billa Ranga movie poster To get evidences against him and close his business, police commissioner (Thyagaraju) call up Billa (Chiranjeeevi) , a CID officer from delhi and presents him as thief in local area.

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Ric P (br) wrote: Plain old Tyler Perry movie. Too many main characters to get into too much depth. Some very funny lines and Nia Long is gorgeous and great.

je E (br) wrote: This was a really good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I hope they make a sequel! Seeing this movie was time and money well spent!

Craig H (mx) wrote: Was meant to be Big Brother meets Saw. If only. It was worse than both.

Christopher B (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this film very much. Very well done.

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Alan Arthur Robert B (jp) wrote: One of my favorites!

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Brian P (ru) wrote: didnt like this one...... nope thats for sure

Alejandro E (ru) wrote: Remarkable Oldman & Molina.For watch it and judge.

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John A (de) wrote: This is an outstanding western noir, with a wonderful cast (Gregory Peck, Anne Baxter, Richard Widmark) and gorgeous direction. It's one of the many westerns shot in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California; and Wellman uses the gorgeous scenery masterfully. The extended sequence in the beginning on the salt flats is unbelievable.In contrast to the beautiful scenery, 'Yellow Sky' is a dark and gritty film. I haven't seen many westerns that felt this agonizingly realistic. And I mean that in the best way possible. The scorching sun, the dirt, the grime, and the sweet serenity that is fresh water.This is a vicious, and cold-hearted film. Some of the violence, and behavior of some of the characters made me feel uneasy, and that is saying something. The brutal honesty in the way the film portrays the the gang is wonderful.Some might have a problem with the way this story wraps up, as it's a departure from the darkness that shrouds the rest of the film. I loved the whole film, even though the ending feels like something the studio might have tacked on. It works well. Overall, this is one of my favorite westerns from the 40's, and a new overall favorite as well.

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Brenden K (au) wrote: Update: 1/31/16Although visuals and design of the film are great. The film suffers from unexplained plot elements and characters that are either too cartoonish, medicore, or hateable (Or all three at once). Leaving little suspense for the viewer. Not a great flick, but it could've been worse. I have to give the film makers credit for being faithful to the source material, and it did a good job putting the video game franchise on the big screen, at least in a visual perspective

Glenn M (it) wrote: A hilarious movie staring two Hollywood legends. Probably the best comedy Curtis made after Some Like it Hot.