Billy Blazes, Esq.

Billy Blazes, Esq.

Billy Blazes confronts Crooked Charley, who has been ruling the town of Peaceful Vale through fear and violence.

Billy Blazes confronts Crooked Charley, who has been ruling the town of Peaceful Vale through fear and violence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brendan N (ru) wrote: The overall style of the film is a tad bit predictable but showing us the killer without giving us any backstory really puts this down dramatically. The film feels very direct to DVD and the performances are very pedestrian. This film has been a 100 times before but typically this film hasn't got a pulse. The director can't seem to establish if he wants to direct a noir film or a thriller. The writing is quite poor none the actors give any thing personal. The tone of the film is just wrong, instead of going deeper into character we are given pointless support characters. The killer has no presence leaving the film cold and boring. The film seems to be so serious when the plot is clearly a thriller. The boring film can't overcome it's short comings

Alex C (fr) wrote: Take the Nostromo from Alien, the marines from Aliens, and the prison planet from Alien 3... And you've got the first seven minutes of the movie. it's too obvious to be considered a rip-off. If you can tolerate low-budget military sci-fi, this may be worth a look into.

John T (br) wrote: Lot of the same goofy stuff from the others. Hot girls and drinking. I don't think this is anywhere near as good as the first. Still ok for a few chuckles.l

Mario (kr) wrote: No se compara con las primeras dos, en definitiva es mejor que la tercera, pero la historia sigue siendo aburrida. 4/10

Jeff S (de) wrote: Pretty bad, even Samuel L. Jackson goes over the top here

James W (gb) wrote: Transporter 2 proudly boasts it's incredibly over the top stunts and goes all out to entertain, a ridiculously fast paced action feature that is far better than the first and is ten times better than the third entry, the best in the franchise superbly directed by Louis Leterrier. Jason Statham returns with effortless style and cool as Frank, a driver who has a very special set of skills, and he is forced to use them when one of his client's kids is abducted. Cranking up the action at every turn, Transporter 2 features truly amazing fight scenes, the best is when Frank enters a basement at the enemy's house, and uses a hosepipe and paint bucket as a weapon to take out his attackers. The editing here is so fast it will leave you breathless, you feel the bone breaking violence. I loved the hospital fight, Kate Nauta is one serious badass and yet another hot female antagonist to hit the screens. She looks scary and rather insane, that gesture where she fights for a minute, then licks her hand eyeing up her opponents. In fact, there's so much action by the ending you feel like you've been on a roller-coaster. The plot itself stays simple enough to follow, but it's a solid plot that features drug mules and kidnapping for ransoms, and the acting does the plot justice. Amber Valetta is very good as a mother fearing for her child, as I mentioned Kate Nauta too as Lola, the enemy's right hand girl killing machine. Jason Flemyng is entertaining too as a Russian bad guy, it's a short role but he makes the most of it. Simply put, Transporter 2 really is one of the fastest moving movies I've ever seen, a stylish onslaught of action.

Cresswell S (de) wrote: Decent thriller. A man who killed a little girl years before, goes to his new girlfriends country home only to discover that it was her sister he killed. Now her family is hunting the man in the Blackwoods.

v9y j (ca) wrote: Comedy of errors? Yes, but comedy with layers too. Having watched it over twenty times, it still makes me ROTFL. Classic.

Jos M (gb) wrote: Entraable cinta de ciencia ficcin, una estacin espacial cuida el ltimo vestigio ecolgico en el universo.

Krista B (au) wrote: I do give Welcome to the Jungle major credit for trying to breathe life back into the cannibal genre. Unfortunately, the problem with said genre is the plot possibilities are extemely limited, and everything worthwhile about Welcome to the Jungle has already been done by better films. This wouldn't be a problem (most slasher flicks share the same plot, after all), if Welcome wasn't missing the one staple that makes the cannibal genre stand out in the first place - heinous, sadistic torture and gore. Whether this is due to a lack of budget, creativity, or courage, the film suffers because of it and ends up feeling like a poorly made ripoff. However, Welcome strikes me less as a movie shamelessly swiping its predecessors' thunder, and more as an attempt to revive a dead genre and pay homage to cult classics. There's no harm in cannibal fans giving this one a try.