Billy Turf haantje de voorste

Billy Turf haantje de voorste


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Tiago C (kr) wrote: Excelente filme sobre um escritor arrogante e idiossincrtico que vive em constante anlise sobre a sua existncia. O filme tambm mostra um pouco da vida e da influncia do comportamento deste escritor na vida das pessoas que o rodeiam, como sua namorada. Bastante dilogos existenciais e filosficos.

Cornelius T (de) wrote: Very good and has a lot of heart. I will definitely watch this again. It's amazing.

Brandon M (br) wrote: Oh Yeah!!! bloody good movie.

Daniel P (mx) wrote: Remember the dead...Flixster ate my review of this but I recently found a copy on a flash drive, yay! Released on DVD on the "Tartan Asia Extreme" label, Memento Mori is actually more of a tender romance-slash-ghost story than it is a horror story (it has for instance, little in common with fellow Tartan releases Ringu or The Eye). Set in an all girls' school, the film instead builds suspense (though not scares) on the story of a girl who discovers a diary, containing the details of a secret relationship between two fellow pupils. When one of the girls is discovered dead, rumours begin and before long it appears as if a spirit is out for revenge. I'll readily admit to being thoroughly confused in the first 15 or so minutes, where there's a flood of information and apparent flashbacks and jumping periods in time are shown with little signing to show what is happening and what has happened. I soon caught up though, and was definitely rewarded with my investment in time. Both sensitive and emotionally complex, Memento Mori is a haunting but beautiful film; very restrained up until the last section, before concluding with not the usual supernatural twist but a nicely low-key and moving ending.

Keegan F (mx) wrote: Awesome film so well done

Scarlett M (kr) wrote: have this on tape....somewhere!!

Stephen V (jp) wrote: It's a surprisingly descent movie, but too plain and simple at the same time. It's the usual feel-good kind of movie that has faded from memory.

Qi Z (ag) wrote: A re-make of the original Russian Solaris by streamlining into a simpler story of Dante's Purgatorio with a benevolent Solaris. Very interesting.

Blake P (jp) wrote: "Airport" is in no-doubt one of the best disaster movies of the '70's, and keeps you glued to the screen the entire duration. What happens when there's a blizzard and a mad-man with a bomb making a flight go nuts? You get "Airport". This is a campy, but very fun thriller that hasn't aged that great. You can say the hairstyles and clothes might have contributed, but when you watch '70's movies, what do you expect? Oh well, in order to enjoy the film, you have to let that go, because in depth, it's a great movie. Instead of having the disaster take place right away, there's almost an hour and fifteen minutes of character development, so when the actual disaster happens you care about what happens to most of them, because you actually feel as if you know them. I think it was a smart move, and may have contributed to all the Academy Award nominations it got (I don't know why they aren't listed here). Then of course, we have the awesome cast (to name a few: Burt Lancaster, Jean Seberg, Dean Martin, Jacqueline Bisset, Helen Hayes, George Kennedy, Van Heflin, Maureen Stapleton, and Lloyd Nolan) who all excel in their roles, especially Hayes as the elderly stowaway (who steals the show). After that, I guess, the disaster itself it pretty good, and the director does a good job adding comic effect, because if there wasn't any, it would be harder to take the movie seriously. Anyways, "Airport" is an entertaining two hours that shouldn't be confined to the pits of Play Instantly.

Wes S (gb) wrote: A bit lacking, yet it's interesting and a unique film. There's not really enough dragon action though, and there's tons of flaws. The characters are a bit confusing, and the plot feels different from the usual monster flick. Still, it somehow ends up feeling right.