Shinobu Takamura (Asami Mizukawa) is an aspiring painter. One day, she is accused of using counterfeit money. Shinobu is confused by the allegation, because she never did such a thing and was at home when the crime occurred. Police Officer Kanou then appears and takes her to a place. When they get there, a group of people are already gathered. All of the people there are concerned over a doppelganger like existence that looks just like them and acts like them. They call that existence "bilocation".

"Bilocation" is a supernatural phenomenon in which an individual appears in two different places at the same time, which has been reported historically worldwide. What if your alter ego exceeds your experience and ability? And what if he/she tries to prevent you from standing in the way of him/her? Can you accept it, or will you kill the other "you"? Bilocation depicts the nightmare of an alter ego that endangers not only your identity but also your very existence. It is an imaginative psychological thriller unlike anything you';ve ever seen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bilocation torrent reviews

Marcin W (ag) wrote: As much cheesy, offensive and crude it is, it's still a great deal of dumb fun that is way better than the original movies

Noah C (ag) wrote: Just by looking at the cover, you can obviously tell that it's a knock-off of Paranormal Activity that's probably just a 90 minute borefest. Not exactly. Keep in mind that this film was created by The Asylum, notorious for creating unspeakably bad films (mainly knock-offs). My expectations were already low. There was the first half hour that was just the regular setup to most horror movies before the real "horror" came in. It started ordinary, things falling, writings appearing, just simple things. Then the rape ghost made his debut. Can you guess his special attribute? I wasn't sure whether to accept this as comical relief or a serious part of the story. There were some genuine scares, but not enough to for me to consider this movie great, or even good for that matter. There's many things it doesn't do well, but there is one that it does: Be better than the series it knocked off.

Jarek M (ag) wrote: Low budget Walking Dead with vampires instead of zombies.

Giovanni M (us) wrote: Hauntingly realistic, Little Children is a brilliant character study and deeply dark satire of the American suburbs.

Shane J (au) wrote: The original was at least watchable. This is bad stuff

Ky K (gb) wrote: If you want to see a bunch of cars in chases and destroying all around without sense, well, you can enjoy this science fiction action film.

Ghiuli R (gb) wrote: This is an excellent BBC adaptation from T Hardy fatalistic tale with Nathaniel Parker and Paloma Baeza, which are superb in their roles, especially Parker who does a wonderful job as Gabriel Oak.

Hodan H (mx) wrote: River is truly an amazing actor. I hope to see this movie soon.

JH K (es) wrote: Extraa y confusa... divertida e interesante.

Al M (ag) wrote: Another Godzilla film from Ishiro Honda, Invasion of Astro-Monster, which features many other names and was not released in 2007, is a fun piece of campy sci-fi that blends the alien invasion film typical of 50s/60s sci-fi cinema together with the Japanese giant monster film. Stupid, but fun and entertaining nonetheless...

Jenna P (mx) wrote: A haute couture fashion house suffers one murder after another in gorgeous color (and style!). This is incredibly gory for the time, and I love it. This is also, in my opinion, one of the very first slashers (PEEPING TOM & PSYCHO predate it) and the first real giallo. If you've read Raymond Chandler, then you've got a head start on whodunnit, but getting there is most of the fun!**I will admit that the dubbing is the worst, so you'll probably only enjoy this if you're a devotee of Bava or the slasher genre. Someone please revive this at an LA cinema house or at least do a decent transfer?

Larry C (ru) wrote: maybe kids will like it. I did not.

Buggy B (nl) wrote: This was okay. For the most part I enjoyed Antonio and Woody in their roles as struggling boxers with "issues" however if this was meant to be a comedy it failed. The storyline was mediocre, I did like the final fight though which paid homage (copied) Rocky in its style. Some fun cameos in the Vegas audience there too. I'm assuming this was one of Lucy Liu's first roles, she is so young.03.13

Russell G (kr) wrote: The Vacation franchise maintains its integrity for one final Griswold family adventure. The Las Vegas location may not seem like the most promising setting, but this movie squeezes the most out of what Vegas has to offer. Clark's bad luck at the tables, a funny trip to the Hoover Dam, and Wayne Newton attempting to woo Clark's wife away from him keeps things interesting. An always-memorable visit with Cousin Eddie adds a lot as well. The series backs down to a PG rating; surprisingly, the comedy does not suffer. Chevy Chase is still funny with his nave character with a knack for biting off more than he can chew. Beverly D'Angelo remains a pleasant complement to Chase. While Marisol Nichols does nothing for the movie as the daughter, Ethan Embry as her brother is one of the best parts of the movie. It may not be quite as funny as the original or Christmas vacation movies, but it still has a very enjoyable balance of family sentimentality and goofy comedy.

(kr) wrote: Excellent film; the most notable actors have to be Johnny Depp and Leonardo. With that being said: it takes much appreciation to understand the power of Leo's performance and the transformation/creation of Johnny Depp's suave style. Overall a sentimental and heartwarming movie, it thoroughly explains the entailment of heart into manhood.

Multitron R (br) wrote: "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is no better than the first one but is still loads of fun.

Mark A (gb) wrote: Stupid, crude, maddening..................and occasionally very funny