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Jerry A (kr) wrote: The worst of the Ice Age movies. I think this movie wasn't needed. It was a cheesy and corny movie that was made just to make it. They should of stopped at 3. The squirrel was the best part and will that squirrel ever get the acorn? Lol

Ryan T (au) wrote: This gets a one star for the twist at the end, from the start to the end its a strange mix of random ghost scares, an odd injection of stolen plot ideas from more successful movies. Too much is happening all the time which doesnt make sense and the entire time youre watching wanting to turn it off, but continue to watch just to see what the next stupid scene might be. Don't watch this, the actors are absolutely terrible, id go as far to say they're straight out of the directors favorite porno, the special effects are basic at best. The story did have potential, if the script was in a better directors hands and with a better cast this could have been something decent, but as it is. AVOID.

Tara M (br) wrote: Interesting but somewhat depressing.

Davin G (ag) wrote: Good little short stories. Pretty straight up

Matthew B (jp) wrote: Not as good or as funny as the first movie.

Anne C (kr) wrote: Susan always plays a great drunk! Love the fight scene with Martha.