Bio Hunter

Bio Hunter

A strange virus known as the Demon Virus, attacks the human genetic code, transforming people into monsters with demonic powers. One particular monster is terrorizing the streets of Tokyo. ripping open young women to devour their livers. A famed psychic holds the secret to the identity and purpose of this monster. Now it is up to two molecular biologists. self-proclaimed Bio Hunters Komada and Koshigaya, to reach the psychic and his beautiful daughter before its too late! The Demon Virus is out to conquer the world.

A horror story about an enemy within. Only one man can control it, but he's losing to the demon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cynamin I (ag) wrote: As a brony, documentaries like this paint a very bad picture for the majority of us. They show the people who are fat neckbeards. They show the people who are obsessed to the point where their entire life is based around this show. They dont show the people who just enjoy watching the show and that is the end of it. A good amount of us just carry on with normal lives once the episode is over. We are average weight, average people who like a TV show. So when/if you watch this movie, please dont judge the entire group of people based on the minority.

Phyllis D (au) wrote: Far too pushy with its surrealism, which is disappointing from Michel Gondry.

Dan B (fr) wrote: It didn't really give you much to latch on to, and by the climax I was just sort of waiting for it to end. Which is a shame, because I like Emily Blunt

Zachary G (ru) wrote: This was a terrible movie. It looks like it was made in the 90's, like early 90's. Please stay away from this. Just read online and you will get the same effects as this movie.

Matthew H (us) wrote: Vantage Point has an intriguing premise, but the execution is kind of poor. The acting is okay, bit the movie could've been a lot more than it is with a better screenplay, and a better director. After about 30 minutes, the movie loses its freshness, although it picks up a little after the real story is revealed a bit more. It goes from a repetitive thriller flick to a generic action movie (which isn't much better). Even for a movie about the same story shown from different points of view, it feels repetitive and dry.

STCENTERPRISE (kr) wrote: Miracle's Great. I never lived through the 70s or 80s but it's time line & references of that period gave me a much better idea of what went on in that time period than I get from reading American History Books. A very good film for historical reference. It also lets me show the importance of the 1980s Olympic Hockey games in American History. I thought this film has a great set of actors.This movie is about Hockey, then moves on to being about making a team, Hockey to being about a hockey team trying to beat the best team in the world of that day, then goes on to be about America coming back to be able to once again be able to stand back up on its feet, continues to go on to being about a Hockey team trying to bring back confidence to the American People. One shot I liked was during the last game with the Russians when the score board the camera angle keeps rotating. Another thing I liked is during the final game when the camera keeps moving back and forth between the hockey players to give you a better understanding of the organized chaotic trouble that the Russians had to how the Americans were playing the game.Also Mark Isham's musical score is great for this film. If you have ever seen October Skys this is the same person doing the musical scores in other films. The movie has a great beat to the music as it gets further & further in the film. It starts of slow & goes faster & faster as the movie progress till the very, very end. And it's that way for most of the music in this film. I think that the music in this film helps you to have a greater significance of the things which were going on during that time period and feel more for what was go on.I think that this film changed the attitude of how you felt towards Jimmy Carters Crisis of Confidence speech because of the editing and Mark Isham(TM)s musical score. Unless you had heard the speech once before without the music I think your attitude towards the speech would be different.To me this film is a very inspirational film about Historical events building up a team, which at end restores the confidence of the American people that was lost during the 1970s from all the problems. Kurt Russell's action job in this film is terrific as well as the team actors in this film.I thought the film did a great job expressing the coach Herb Brook's method for coaching the teach.

Tom J (ru) wrote: I always liked this movie, John Travolta's performance is outstanding the supporting cast is first rate keep an open mind when watching. If you're the type of person who enjoys tearing other people down in order to build yourself up, this moving is not for you.

bill s (ag) wrote: Solid to good thriller with Daniels doing a fine job....I love the set up and the campy factor really works in this flicks favor.

Brad R (es) wrote: THE VERDICT? Another piece of stop-go animation magic from special effects legend Ray Harryhausen! Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs in this kitschey action film. Not the best of them, but remembered by many as one of the more iconic special effects films of its time. A clear influence on many later movies (definately including Jurassic Park), the effects are still admirable today and credit MUST be given for the sheer effort and perfectionism put into animating Gwangi and pals. Makes for satisfying Sunday afternoon viewing if nothing else. Hope one day I can show it to kids of my own and they'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Jeff T (it) wrote: Like a really bad episode of 90210.Do yourself a favour and avoid it!

Chris D (es) wrote: A small, funny musical about two jailbirds, one who strikes it big in the record industry. Some of the songs felt oddly translated at times, but I enjoyed the music and the story was funny, and the two protagonists had great chemistry.

Paul B (es) wrote: Alan Burnett said that this was not meant to be groundbreaking, just a fun Batman adventure. That's exactly how it comes across, with a great story and the usual DCAU high quality of voice acting and animation.

Glenn L (es) wrote: Sh Kosugi is the ultimate 1980s ninja action star. Van Damme plays the villain.

Jon C (ca) wrote: you can look at this depending on what your viewpoint is; either respect its intentions or be immediately turned off by its gratuitous natureyou still cant argue that it is the quintessential revenge flickall Jennifer wanted to do was getaway from the big city and work on her passion of writingshe ran into the wrong kinds of people and ended up being completely destroyedI will be honest; the rape scenes particularly the 2nd one being committed are extremely hard to get through because of the harsh naturebut gladly rather than ignore the haineous act she decides to get back at the men by completely turning to her own form of justice, her character not only still remains attractive but also becomes stronger, smarter, and more clever from the ordealthe gore and the kill scenes are undeniably brutalthe pace is a slow build-up and takes its time to kick things off but it all leads to a bloody showdownpeople can call this a 'snuff' film and real-exploitation it can go either waybut the main thing in all of this makes a critical statement about rape and how it should be confronted

Derek O (us) wrote: I liked James Franco's book better, but the film was something of a different soul, less about the plot and themes and more about a general atmosphere of teenage angst. Made all the more evocative by Devonte Hynes's awesome score, but ultimately made real by the great actresses and actors.

Frances K (mx) wrote: i started watching this because i thought it was the one with matt damon and eddie redmayne. i kept watching it because of my unwavering affection for christian slater. even bloated, male pattern baldness christian slater.

(au) wrote: This is a great soft porn flick, but tedious otherwise, I just wanted to see a horror flick.