Bio Slime

Bio Slime

Seven misfits are trapped by a flesh eating slime creature. And no TV!

Seven misfits are trapped by a flesh eating slime creature. And no TV! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohd S (es) wrote: Thanatomorphose is an hellenic word meaning the visible signs of an organism's decomposition caused by death. One day, a young and beautiful girl a wakes up and finds her flesh rotting.

Trevor D (ca) wrote: This is not a super innovative documentary, but it is a very compelling one. Structured like a procedural thriller, "Resurrect Dead" is a fascinating look at obsession and loss, fueled by a bizarre mystery at its center (The less you know, the better). The ending is also strangely uplifting. Straightforward and simple, but very sincere and extremely entertaining.

Mick T (kr) wrote: After the fun ride that the first movie brought, this flushes any chance of any further sequels straight down the toilet with such an inept display of film making, you pray that the series stays dead and never returns. No story, nobody you give a damn about and no comedy at all. Give it a miss and forget you ever heard about it. It really is that bad.

Spencer M (br) wrote: In this fascinating look at sexual repression and psychoanalysis, Cronenberg chooses to put more focus on the scientific and moral ideas at the script's heart than the dilemma involving the characters. That's likely going to alienate people who don't find those topics inherently interesting, but that is perfectly fine with moi. A solid addition to David Cronenberg's repertoire.

Louelle C (jp) wrote: Good. I wanna part of sailing team too. But i know i am not worthy to be in a team, lack of endurance.

Philip O (nl) wrote: Not exactly into romantic poker games, that's why casino royale was tough... but i like messing and barrymore

WS W (it) wrote: Another gay coming out story. Young, fun, sweet, positive & entertaining.

lisa s (de) wrote: one of the best if not the best war film ever made the first 20 mins of this film are totally realistic and traumatising give cives a real look and a taste of what a moment in this war felt like and it's something that I can honestly say left an imprint on my mind and sorrow in my heart

Marta R (ag) wrote: I'm not usually into sci-fi, but this film was so tantalizing - and it didn't disappoint!!

Vicky P (mx) wrote: Fast-forwarded to the end after watching 20 minutes of it. Still found it too slow.

Ian M (jp) wrote: this one was even more far fetched than the 1st one but still a good movie if ur a beastmaster fan

Daniel S (de) wrote: Centering a movie on a concept like "Satan as a scientific/physical phenomenon" is a terrible idea if your physics homework is going to be as painfully scattershot as it is here. Still, despite some weak acting and slow pacing, there are a few good moments and individual ideas to be found here. It's nothing on par with the other John Carpenter "Apocalypse Trilogy" films (The Thing, and In The Mouth of Madness), but despite being weak, it's not meritless.

Rainer K (ca) wrote: Playtime ist anders. Wie so vieles, das anders ist, ist der Film ursprnglich gefloppt. Knstlerisch ist Playtime jedoch wie von einem anderen Stern. Tatis Entwurf eines postmodernen Utopias ist zugleich wunderschn und schreckenerregend. Glasfassaden und Betonbauten, Verwirrung und Chaos in einer berregulierten Welt. Der Film floppte wohl, weil der Zuseher von Tati nicht bei der Hand genommen wird, sondern die Komik im Film selbst erkennen muss.Und nicht nur das. Teilweise muss er auch selbst die Protagonisten suchen, in diesem Wirrwarr aus Bild und Ton.Die Tonkulisse ist ein wichtiges Element in Playtime. Als Entfremdungselement, steht es sowohl fr die fragmentarische Wahrnehmung in der urbanen Moderne und fr die unfreiwillige Komik die daraus entsteht.Zum Chaos trgt Tati noch aktiv bei, indem er Doppelgnger seines Monsieur Hulot wiederholt auftreten lsst. Hulot selbst tritt in diesem Film jedoch etwas in den Hintergrund - die Bauten sind die Protagonisten, Hulot nur ein weiterer Charakter der Rahmenhandlung.Eigentlich ist der gesamte Film eine groe absurde Farce auf die neue Ordnung der Welt, die selbst nur Chaos hervorruft. Nichts passt in dieser Welt, alles ist irgendwie falsch, doch auf den ersten Blick fllt das gar nicht erst auf. Aus diesen Widerstnden (am Aufflligsten wohl, die Unterschiede zwischen Franzosen und Amerikanern) entsteht eine immense Spannung, die den Film am Leben erhlt.Die Machart des Films, die Architektur der groen Bauten am Set und die Handlung ergnzen sich in unnachahmlicher Weise. Playtime ist kein Film der groen Lacher, aber einer, der konstantes Schmunzeln hervorruft. Wobei das so auch nicht ganz stimmt - auch Slapstick und Nonsense-Sprache, fast schon in Chaplin Manier, findet sich immer wieder.Playtime verlangt wiederholtes Ansehen, denn erst dann knnen wohl alle Details verarbeitet werden. Aber auch der erste Eindruck ist ein guter, einladender, und macht Lust auf mehr Tati.

Zachary M (fr) wrote: I'll be honest, I fell asleep during this and was falling in and out while watching this movie for the first time. So there where somethings I didn't get about the plot. That there was a sabretooth cat and an evil serum. I wasn't sure how much of that was real or not so I woke myself up and thought maybe fully awake the plot would make more sense. It didn't.

Jonathas S (ag) wrote: Beautifully shot, featuring gorgeous production design and all-star cast, this is a superior Agatha Christie adaptation.

Thomas D (ag) wrote: Outstanding movie with good morals and good heroes. I wish I could have seen this as a kid. As usual Rotten Tomatoes gets it totally wrong.