Bir tat bir doku

Bir tat bir doku

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Bir tat bir doku torrent reviews

Steven J (fr) wrote: The film starts slow and uneven, and even though logic holes are plenty and some plots are undercooked, Kraftidioten is a darkly funny film with several memorable jokes and performances.

Calum J (us) wrote: The graphic novel word for word

Stuart H (br) wrote: The actor that plays Bonin did a really good job in creeping me the hell out. I'm not sure that the point of this film vindicates its production at all. Serial killers are disturbed, so of course the movie will be disturbing.

Aki M (es) wrote: Sami people are rarely seen on the big screen. Nils Gaup's movie The Kautokeino Rebellion tells about Kautokeino Uprising from 1852. The surroundings already make this movie interesting. The story is important and the landscapes, sets and costumes are great. However, the movie isn't masterpeace and some of the actors are really amateurs. Anni-Kristiina Juuso as a leading lady is still great.

Marilena G (us) wrote: A bit of a depressing theme, but the acting makes up for it. Not bad.

Giorgos T (ru) wrote: Nothing interesting here.

Michael C (nl) wrote: The Spitfire flies again! Good movie; could have done without the romance element...story addresses the fate of the pilots on their 'welcome' home.

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Joseph O (gb) wrote: Mixed Nuts was a cute holiday movie. Nothing special but fun and worth a watch around the holidays.

Katie B (ag) wrote: I love this movie even though it makes me cry every time!

Holly C (au) wrote: Not the greatest. I was disappointed! The only thing that saved it was the pretty decent bloody effects for the time. Lot's of gore! Limbs being chopped off and entrails being ripped out while the victim is still alive. Very gross indeed! Blair Witch Project camera effects like it was a home movie. Obviously low budget. Not for the squeemish!

Ricardo H (nl) wrote: WASTE OF TIME....Really bad, don't recommend it at all

Guilherme N (br) wrote: Simply not interested

Jaime L (ag) wrote: An effort to make joke about the medieval time that doesn't work quite well. The movie tries to be funny but at time it feel a little bit forced and instead the movie feels ridiculous. This is the type of movie that someone can watch when there's absolutly nothing else to do. The only thing that I wonder is, why Natalie Portman appears in this movie; that makes no sense to me, at all.